Friday, August 9, 2013

Brick Wall

I'm back, for the nth time! I think we all know how this goes, I'll blog today and will be back after a month. I'll say sorry, then do it all over again. Well, can you blame me? Yes you can LOL.  And then I can blame my course(pharmacy) for being sooooo freaking ungenerous with time. 
Moving on! Last week, we celebrated my birthday, well it's a late celebration since my birthday was on July 29. Maybe I''ll talk about my actually happened on my birthday , but for now, let me tell you about what happened on the late celebration of my birthday with my family. We decided to vist the Our Lady of Manaoag to pray and give thanks for all the blessings that we are getting. 

Considering we're going to a sacred place, I opted to wear pants. Plus, I know I'll just be snoozing most of the time of travel since it's a four hour drive,  and I'm more comfortable with some pants on.

I paired my pant's with an equally decent top. I want to sport a very classy look so I went with this peterpan collar top. Then I added a bow to give it a youthful look.

I used a pair of loafers to continue with the classy vibe. And I also like how the print gives the outfit more oomph and character. 

To tie the look altogether, I used this turquoise bag that I absolutely love. Can you see that tassel over there? That's my favorite thing about it, besides it's color.

Then I just grabbed a bunch of bracelets that I think looks good with the outfit. And I came up with these three. I don't know why but I always gravitate towards the pearl bracelet whenever I go out.

Enjoy the long weekend for me because I would be spending my time studying for all the tests lined up for next week. But for now, I'll go out my friends and watch the "Sea of Monsters". Woot woot! 

Be yourself.