Saturday, November 9, 2013


This year for my dad's birthday we decided to celebrate it as a family. We hopped the plane to Cebu and had a 3-day long vacation there. We watched movies, played bowling, and just spend the time together. And honestly, this is one of the family vacation I enjoyed the most. And while we're there I took the opportunity to take some outfit shots, because I tell you that place is freaking beautiful. 

Knowing that Cebu is going to be hot, I decided to go for something fun and bright, and since I was in the mood for color blocking, why not? I am always fond of combining different colors together and be surprised how they look good together, exhibit A. 

Even if the color combination reminded me slightly of an eggplant, i don't really care, I like it LOL.

One thing that I know about color blocking is to not over do it. The key is to incorporate some neutral pieces, in that way you can balance your outfit and won't look like a walking rainbow. In my case, I neutarlized my outfit through my purse (well technically it's my mom's purse).

For accessories, I kept it very simple and light. I used this long spike necklace that I got at claires and some bracelets with the same color palette as my outfit. Then again, when color blocking you don't need alot of accessories beacaue the outfit itself already makes a statement.

Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: H&M | Necklace: Claires | Bracelets: Random

Well, sembreak's over and back to reality. I hope I spent my hours well this sembreak because for sure I will not have some free time for the next few months.
Good luck!

Be yourself!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Casual Elegance

Every semestral break my Mom always asks me to look out for my little brother which means, I need to go with him at his school which was also my alma mater. Even though whenever I go there I have to walk through some judging eyes, I like visiting my old school, I like the place's familiarity. 

I am a Montessorian at heart so when I went there I still followed the dress code of the school which is very simple, no shorts and no slippers. 

I wanted to wear something casual yet classy, something that is effortless yet elegant. So I just threw on a basic white top with my favorite black jeans ( which got destroyed by the way), added an elegant necklace and I'm good to go. 

Top: SM Department Store | Shoes: SupraFame | Bag: Coach | Necklace: Claires 

I think i want to lean more to this type of oufits. It's very simple but you can hear what it want's to say very clearly. 

Have a nice day.
Be yourself!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Red Carpet Ready

It's always been a challenge for me to dress for a debut or any occassion with the same concept, because 1)I have to see to it that I do not underdress or in other cases overdress 2)These type of occasssions always have themes you have to conform with. But amidst all those dilemmas I always end up with the most unusual pairings for an outfit which is not exactly a bad thing. 

Last October 25 was the debut of one of my bestfriends Leane, and she picked out Hollywood (or something like that, I'm a bit confused) as her theme. Originally I was going to wear a simple red dress, because that's the color that comes to my mind when I hear the word hollywood but unfortunately she excluded the color red for us to wear so I had no choice but to think of another outfit.

Since I do not have enough time to shop for a great dress, I just worked with what I got in my closet and bam! I got an incredible outfit.    

Dress: Thrifted | Top: Forever 21

If you have been watching my videos on youtube for awhile now (thank you!) , you have to know that this the dress is actually a tube top dress but since I don't have courage to wear it on its own I had to layer it with another top and honestly I liked it this more this way the the original dress itself. It made the dress more classy and sophisticated! 
(You can check out the individual pieces featured in my videos here and here) .

Shoes: Chic Label

I left all of my heels back here in Manila then, so there's another dilemma there. Luckily my Mom's boutique is just around the corner (Its literally around the corner of our house, LOL) so I have some pretty nice black heels to choose from, but in the end I settled for this black kitten heels. Again it has that very classy feel to it which goes perfectly with the outfit. 
( For those who want to visit my Mom's boutique, Chic Label,  you can e-mail me for details, that is if you live near me *evil laugh JK) 

Necklace: Claire's

Purse: Mom's Closet

I also took some photos of what my friends wore to give you more ideas on different styles you can also wear. 
You can go bold with cut outs like my friend Claudette! 

The "Little Black Dress" can also be a statement and like my friend Pia, you can also pull off an LBD since it's a very foolproof outfit. 

Hollywood is never complete without sparkles/ glitters, and wearing it is a great idea. You can wear a dress full on covered with sparkles or just do it subtly just like my friend Jen did. 

Classic silhouettes like a peplum dress can also work, and meet my friend Joane rocking one.

It was a very magical night, and I am very glad to hang out with my best friends again!   

Have a nice day. 
Be yourself! 

Fall Lookbook 2013

Philippines is a tropical country so the closest thing we have to cold weather is when it gets cold in December, but if we did have a Fall Season this is a set of outfits I would probably wear. I hope you all enjoy it! 

Have a nice day.
Be yourself!