Saturday, September 29, 2012


My cousin went back to Canada and now I'am missing her. We did a lot of things when she was here knowing that we won't be seeing each other again for about seven years (I hope not).  We took a lot of pictures, did a lot of crazy things and we even enjoy eating ice cream together. And in her last night here in the Philippines, we did a small photoshoot for wait for it....................NOTHING! And yes we're weird like that LOL. 

I can't explain how happy I am to have bonded with her, so I'm just going to leave you with these photos.

Dress: Thrifted | Top: Landmark | Shoes: SM Dep't Store 

L-R: Ate Kriz, Me and My bro
I love you both:)

Be yourself ❤

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Modern Boho Chic

An outfit post, finally! I have been waiting for an event to come up so I can dress up( I know, is it weird? ) so I got super excited when I heard there will be a party/concert after our thomasian freshmen/freshwomen walk and so I thought, why not dress up. I know, it's a concert I'm attending and a short and shirt combo would be the most appropriate pairing to wear, but yeah, that's not how I roll LOL. 

Anyway, the highlight of my outfit is this asymmetrical dress that I had thrifted a while back. And I am planning to wear it at a fashion event, but I couldn't wait for that event so I decided to wear it last Monday night. It is different from all the mullet skirt out there and I thought I'd try sometime different, you know getting out of my box. 


 Since I never really get out of the house without covering my arms which is as big as Mr. Clean's ( if you know what I mean )  I tried to cover them with a cardigan. And that's when the whole boho chic thing came to mind. From that,   I built my outfit and instead of wearing heels I opt to wear a plain sandals that has an accent the same as the color of my purse and cardi.

And that's the night I didn't wear anything cutesy patootsy, you know the usual peter pan-collar and skirt  combo I always tend to go for. Well, It's definitely a first and I think I'll experiment more on my style. 

What do you think of my outfit?


Before I wrap this post up, I just want to take this opportunity to greet one of my bestfriends, my classmate, my ate, my nanay, my one only (well, actually they're two)  KAI a Happy 17th Birthday ( And yes  Kai, I'm trying to stress out that you're old *Evil Laugh*). I love you and I'm glad you're a part of my big adventure  :* 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now A Certified Thomasian!

At last! I am now a certified Thomasian. We freshmen and freshwomen (not to be sexist) have been so anxious waiting for the Thomasian walk, for it has been cancelled not once, not twice but for three times. The walk itself didn't really have any impact on me, but the thought of being part of a new family hit me, in a good way. 
Traditionally, there is a party after the Thomasian walk so I took the chance to dress up and have fun. I went with my high school friends and college friends just thinking to have a good time. 

Here's an overview of what happened.
At first, there are only games so we just took pictures.  And honestly, it was boring in the beginning but as the night went on, I kind of enjoyed it.  

My highschool  friends 
L-R: Kim, Ysabel, Robel, Claudette, Bella

My college Frends
L-R: Bella, Jean, Karlyn, Anne

Here are some of the guests:

Mr. Alec Dungo, he is actually a pharmacy student and that thought really made me psyched. Maybe one day I'm going to see him walking in the hallway of the main building. 

And Callalily was there too, they are like the highlight of the event. There other bands who also performed, I just didn't know them so I didn't mind taking some pictures. 

On the other hand, I took my blogger persona and took some outfit shots of my friends. 
Claudette Dimzon,  my high school friend from CFAD. 

Pia Cayetano, one of my best friends from the College of Nursing.

The night was delightful, and in the end  my high school friends and I grabbed a dinner and it was nice.    
P.S. More on my outfit in my next post. 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

As Pink As I Could Get

This morning, I have a class as usual. From 7am to noon. But in the middle of my classes, I decided to get some air from outside our classroom. I asked my professor if I may go out(since we are not doing anything), and as all professors do, they don't care. So I am on my way to the wash room, when suddenly my foot and my body went on another way which seems to lead to the library. What important thing will I do in the library that I must go in there in between classes? To read maybe? or to review for the quiz on my next subject? NOT! I went there to use the internet section to check my blog and other social network I'm into(Basically, I only checked my blog and my lookbook account, since they blocked Facebook, Youtube and other mainstream social networking sites). Anyway, so I'm in the internet section and find myself smiling while opening the windows of the said websites. Where am I going with all these?  I just realized that I am still not fully committed to Pharmacy. My passion is still not medicines and my priority might not have been studying. Maybe this is reasonable on the first month in college, but 3 months already passed and the 1st semester is near to an end, but I am still debating with myself wether this is really what I want? In the end, this dilemma will go back to one of my principles in life. Always finish what you started. 

With all of these unsettled emotions, there is one thing I rely on to cheer me up, dressing up!
As I mentioned in my last entry, I went home last weekend, and last Sunday we attended a blessing  ceremony for a business established by my aunt somewhere in Nueva Viscaya. I knew it would be a long day and a hot one and we also planned to go thrifting that day so I opt to wear something comfortable but still dressy enough for my liking. 

 Because of this outfit I realized that most of the clothes in my closet are thrifted.  Exhibit A, my top is thrifted, my shorts are thrifted and even the camisole I'm wearing under my top is thrifted. I consider this not as a bad thing because,  I love every bit of clothes that I thrifted just as much as I love those that are not.

Spiked bracelet: from aunt | Watch: Coach | Pearl bracelet: Thrifted | Beaded: DIY

For the reason that I'm still having a hard time getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to mixing colors, whenever I dress up I always ask myself if I'd go for gold or silver accessories? Most of the time i'll go for gold. But as I review what  would be the my activities that day, I went silver for the lighter and softer look( I don't know, I think it is just based on my perspective). 

 Shoes: Greenhills

This is as Pink as I could get since I'm never really a fan of the color Pink( I mean the bright one). But there are certain shades of Pink that I really adore and I pretty sure I used them all in this outfit. 
BTW, goodluck to our players tomorrow. GO USTE!

What is your dilemma?
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Classic Twist

I went home in the province last weekend, and had a good time catching up with my cousins, especially with ate Kriztel, the cousin I talked to you about. We did a little welcome party for her, with family members and relatives. We talked about Canada, and how different it is there here in the philippines. 

I took the chance to dress up and ended up wearing this dress.
I got excited when I saw this dress in a thrift store and I died when I saw the back of it. Suddenly, I have been into dresses/tops with an interesting back detail. In the case of this dress, Its low back and cute little pink bow sold itself to me. 

One of the things I have been obsessed with is mixing browns with blacks. I like how it looks because it is so classy with a twist. 

Credits to Ate Kriztel for the Photos☻

What do you think?
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Final Wave of Style { Layers }

My aunts/uncles moved to other countries when I was a kid until now, and since then, I have been longing for them and the feeling of having cousins. I mean I also have other cousins here, but the thing is we do not have the same age, and that seems to be a problem when we bond. I got jealous when my friends hang out with their cousins and so I thought I wish mine were here too. So when I found out that one of my cousins will visit the Philippines for one week, i got so excited. She is one of my closest cousin and I'm stoked she's here. I just want to share that :)   

 Layered dress

 The title reminds me of the time when "Plants vs. Zombies" is so mainstream. Good times. Anyway, this dress maybe familiar to you, that is maybe because I used this as a birthday dress, and showed it in this post.

This dress is great paired with ablazer or any jacket but it is as pretty if it's by itself. The layer give character to the dress which allows it to give an impact on it's own. I added the peterpan collar necklace and pearl bracelet for that elegance. 

Thrifting Tip: Never ever be afraid of trying to shop in thrift stores.

What do you think?
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4th Wave of Style { Dots on Duty }

To have a variety in this lookbook, I did this outfit to show how you can amp up your usual  shorts and shirt combo.  I went a step forward and wore a bold shorts and on top of that used a bold belt and let the rest of the outfit go black and white. If you have a classy and put together disposition you can go with a blazer like I did, but when you're feeling grungy go with a denim jacket or a leather jacket. 

I'll talk about this blazer for a minute. When I first saw this blazer I screamed (you know, in my mind, so no one would think I'm a lunatic)! I love how it can create a playful outfit but at the same time it gives you a little bit of sting of being edgy. 

Thrfiting Tip: Before buying anything, see to it that, by just holding that piece you can think of different outfits that you can wear that to. In that way, your purchase would not be a total waste.

Another wave has passed. Look out for the final wave!
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