Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"The Day"

My birthday entry is here! 
"The Day" started pretty good and I'm feeling pretty good. Im 16 guys, and what is the first thing to do when you're 16? Well, what I did is I stood up and said "I'm 16" haha.  We are planning to spend the rest of the day in the mall, have some lunch and watch "The Dark Night Rises" after. You know,  just a relaxed birthday celebration.
So we arrived just in time for lunch and we ate at Kimono Ken. Our family have always been a fan of Japanese food so it is great to eat there on my birthday :) 

Here's my very pretty mom. According to her, it is also the birthday of the mothers, so happy birthday too Mom (belated)!

This is me drinking a tea. I don't usually like the tea they serve, or any hot tea in particular but surprisingly I liked it on my birthday!

 Here is what I always order, a California Maki Roll. I can't get enough of these, and I could totally live eating only these. I could use some of these right now, Yum! (Comment if you like Japanese food too)

And here's more of what we ordered. They ate some pretty delicious dishes too.

On to my outfit ❤
I want to feel like a princess that day, so I went on and wore a dress. This dress actually has a surprise at the back. I just don't have the guts to wear it like that (If you want to see the exact dress click here ). The solution, is to wear a blazer. They are just so sophisticated-looking and it is also a good way to hide my "manly shoulders". You probably think I'm totally crazy posing in a parking lot, Am I?  LOL

Necklace: Greenhills 
The dress goes pretty low in the bust area so I decided to wear a necklace because I don't want to be fixing my dress all the time making sure that I'm not flashing anyone. Plus, the necklace looks good with this outfit, don't you think?

Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Wrap bracelet: Papemelroti

Glitter Shoes: People are People

I want to feel light and heavenly so I decide to use light colors and I love how it turned out. I am slowly finding out what my style is, I guess.  

Dress: Thrifted | Blazer: Thrifted | Bag: Thrifted

My birthday did not go as I have planned it in my mind, hence it is the not the "Best Birthday Everrrrrr" but at least I got to spend it with my family. You know birthdays are not always about having the best day or having the greatest gift. It is how'd you spend the day and whom you spend the day with. 
I made 16 birthday resolutions and one of them is to live my life to the fullest.  And seriously, I want to do something big, something revolutionary. What it is? I haven't figured that out yet. 

P.S. Thank you for all of the people who greeted me on my birthday. My friends, relatives, and to the people who took time to type "Happy Birthday" even if they do not know me, Thank you so much

What do you think of my birthday outfit? 
Be Yourself ❤

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Odd one Out

I planned my outfit for the event I talked about in my last post considering one factor. Since it is a fashion show a lot of people would be wearing trendy clothes and the challenge is to wear something that will stand out from all those trends.And what is the only thing that beats trends? CLASSIC Style. And to make the outfit stand out more I added a little somethin' something' .

As I was building this outfit, I'm thinking of something cute  and sweet but at the same time it should also be channeling power.  So the colors of my outfit did the sweet part and my blazer definitely outdone it's role of showing the "Powerful Woman" in me.

Brooch: Papemelroti | Top: American Eagle

Cross Bracelet: Festival | Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Blush wrap around Bracelet: Papemelroti 

Blazer: (Zara) Thrifted
I was having a hard time picking a necklace that goes perfectly with this ensemble, but its seems like a necklace would destroy the neckline of my top, so I used a broach instead. And since I used the color brown in my bag and shoes, I thought i'd tie my outfit with a braided belt. 

Shoes: Rustly Lopez
I definitely need to go get a pair of brown shoes. These moccasins served me for about three years now, and so I need to give it a rest. 

This is me trying to achieve a good shot showing the flowiness of the skirt. It is pretty decent I think, considering my awkwardness when being photographed.

Yes, tomorrow is the day I was brought to this world( I'm having doubts calling it wonderful). And I'm happy my family is here to celebrate it with me. Look out for my Birthday post. 
What do you think about my outfit?❤?

Be yourself.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Friday Night

I attended the pharmacy freshmen welcome party "last friday night", and this party was also a fashion show and a contest for the search of the freshest faces of the Faculty of Pharmacy. As I walked through the doors of the venue, something strucked me. I felt something, something new, something unexplainable. Maybe the feeling of independence or something, or maybe.... it is just the loud music and all the loud screaming that makes my heart beats so fast. 

Front(L-R)Nina, Aimee, Jesse, Rona, Me | Back(L-R) Claudine, Gab, Kristel, Bella, Alecza

We had so much fun, and it is just feels right to go and just unwind from all the stress in school. And even if only few 1CPH came, it is still a heck of a night. 

I also managed to take photos of the outfits of some of my block mates/friends. I personally, love how these three stand out from the crowd. I adore all of their dresses.

On the other hand, the contrast of these two outfits is breathtaking. I love how one is so prim and proper and the other is so grungy and free spirited.

So that was the story of the night when we thought nothing but to have some fun. And it's  also the night of Rose Anne's Birthday. She  is my seat mate and friend. Happy Birthday Rose Anne. And the night before Bella's birthday. Happy Birthday Bella :)  And the night before the night before my birthday LOL. 
After the party we ate, the end. 

P.S. I almost got locked in UST but obviously I got out alive(Yehey!). BTW  more on my outfit in the next post.

Be yourself❤

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Treasures: Papemelroti

Remember how I told you in my previous post that one of my girlfriends asked me to go out? Well, we went to the mall and basically just shopped in a single store. We roamed the mall,  floor after floor but we didn't really saw things that is worth buying. And that is until we saw Papemelroti. It is a store that sells products made out of paper, and they also have accessories and other things which I believe is eco-friendly. This store is perfect because one of my resolutions for my birthday is to help the environment by not using any plastic bags. Maybe I can even say it is one of my favorite stores to buy accessories and room decorations. 
I adore their paper bag ( I know I'm weird ). It does not only helps save the environment, but it is also so cute.

I bought this box which has some of  the things you see in London. The double deck bus, the famous buildings and there is also a group of guys with their tall hats, if you know what I mean.

This memo pad was just a fun buy. I don't know maybe because i find it classy and vintage, haha.

I bought two accessories which are two bracelets and I think they are great for stacking or just by themselves. Its awesome how they are so delicate-looking.

I have been finding the perfect jewelry holder for ages, and I think I just found it. Isn't this just simply amazing? I was deciding whether to get the "Peace", "Dream" or "Faith" and this just really caught my eye that's why I got it. But I think I'm going to come back and get the "Dream" and "Inspire" too. What do you think?

This was actually a DIY project. I saw this string of .....I don't know, whatever that is and I said hey, this can total become a bracelet. And the finished product is pretty  much a success.

Well this day was a pretty great daw, Why? Because it's Friday!!! Another end a not-so-memorable week. How's your week? 
Oh, and definitely check out Papemelroti.(This is not a sponsored post, I just geniunely  love that store so much)

Photos by Paul Ngohayon 

Be yourself.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4:4 { Everybody seems Happy }

I only have 4 days left before my birthday and I spent this day with my 4 friends. That is the meaning behind the first part of my title post, if you're wondering. We had our recollection this morning, and I feel se relaxed and happy. I looked around and I'm not the only one who is happy. And that would explain the second part of my title post.

 I will dedicate this whole post describing my stay in this whole other world called College. Ok where should I start. It's been like what, 6 weeks? 7weeks? And I'm starting to know the people I will be spending my four years in college with: my block mates, my teachers, and  my friends. Difficulty - wise you know we have high moments like there's a lot of class suspensions that's going on these past few weeks and we also  have down moments like  Botany, Botany and am... Botany haha.

I also have been enjoying the company of these four crazy people (Crazy in a good way). We are five different people but our personalities kind of compliment each other, I'm getting deep in here.
 You might have observed that there is only three of them in the photo well,  my 4th friend Anne is around here somewhere. 

Oh wait, there she is. 

 Here are my other block mates. They're pretty amazing. Honestly, I'm not expecting these kind of great people before I went to college. I'm kind of expecting mean and snobby people you know, the ones you see in movies. 

R-L Karlyn, Anne, Alecza, Bella

Funny story, do you know what is our everyday dilemma during lunch time? Well, there are two of them. The first one is where will we eat, and the second one is the where will we stay. If we get lucky and there's an empty table we could cancel out the where will we stay problem. Maybe that's the exciting part about college. You get to try new things everyday. You'll never know where you'll end up sitting for lunch. There's a variety of choices of viand for lunch. And through these small new things we slowly enjoy doing these things.

Well that's kind of refreshing, talking about things rather than just fashion. Tuned in for more non-fashion posts.

Adventure awaits in college.
Be yourself  ❤

Monday, July 23, 2012

Frenching Up

Two outfit posts in a row, good job Hannako! (pat in the back) This day was a lot of things it is boring, tiring, exciting, and boring again.  You want to know why? Earlier this morning I found out that we have no classes. And as usual I did nothing, well i washed my clothes and that is it. After that comes the tiring part of my day, were I cleaned our room. At about 1 PM one of my bestfriends  asked me if I want to go out, and I said yes. And this is were the exciting part started. I went home and goes back the boring train. 
Outfit-wise I built it with classic pieces and is inspired by French fashion. You know, the outfits you see people wearing when they are riding a bike in Paris or at least that's what I have observed. Maybe the scene would be clearer if I am wearing a beret. 
Here's the thing, I kind of consider a lot of factors when I build my outfit. And my mind receives a lot of questions which kind of  looks like this. Is it going to rain? Is it too revealing walking in street with a lot of pervert bystanders( i'm not judging just saying )? Is it appropriate for the temperature? Do the colors coordinate with each other? And there's a lot more based on the occasion. So before I could decide on an outfit there's always a riot taking place on my mind, well not only in my mind but also in our room. If you could just see our room after I have decided on an outfit. It's like a tornado had passed and after the tornado came a hurricane. Yeah, you should not see, it is not pretty.
Well that's a lot of rambling and I better let you see the outfit now.

I also just recently purchased this top together with the blazer I wore in my last entry. I don't know I just want to feel comfortable this day and I arrived with this top. 

Top: Forever 21 | Bag: Thrifted

To add a little texture to the outfit I added this long deer necklace, isn't it adorable? And concerning my choice of purse, since I thought french outfits( When I say French outfits , I mean the outfits I usually see them wearing, just to be clear) is mostly composed of the colors, red white and navy blue  I chose this bag.

Trousers: Forever 21 | Necklace: Random store

 Loafers: Rusty Lopez
And since I always see the French wear flats, I used my brown loafers which I totally worship. It never brings me down and will never be.

 Watch: Coach | Bracelet: DIY(Papemelroti)

My birthday is fast approaching and I just want it and hoping it to be legen ( wait for it) 
dary(Yes, I just used  How I Met Your Mother as a reference. Is there anybody out there who watches it too, well up top! )
My entry ends here, and I hope I didn't bore you to death. I'm just trying this new thing were I express what I want to say whenever I want ( Well, it still depend on the situation). 
The countdown continues and I have 6 more days to go before my birthday (Honestly is it annoying, how I count the days before my birthday?). There it is again, ramble, ramble, ramble. I' going to stop now.

What do you think of my outfit?
Be yourself❤