Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walking Iceream

At last, I got rid of all my backlog posts for the year 2012. So, may I present to you my first ever outfit for 2013. Wohooo!

When my family and I arrived here in Manila from the province, we decided to dedicate a whole day to enjoy the presence of each other becasue once again classes will start and my family needs to go back to the province and obviously we are going to be left behind:(  So what's the best way to relax and bond? Of course, without a  doubt, go to the mall! As Robin Scherbatsky once sang, "let's go to the mall" LOL (If you're not a HIMYM viewer you probably won't understand what I'm talking about,so go watch it now JK). 

For my outfit I went overdrive with pastels. I went so crazy that I can now be addressed as the WALKING ICECREAM LOL. As you can see there are two colors that I mainly used, pastel pink and mint green and I'm super happy with the result because personally, I think the two colors look perfect together. 

I want to bring out the color of my undershirt so I went on and used a lot of greens for my accessories and to balance the outfit I topped it of with my glittery flats which look like a pastel pink so it works.

You may not notice, but this is not the first time that have blogged about my top, it's first appearance is in this post. I love that it kinda has a little peplum effect on the bottom part of it which makes the outfit more adorable.

Necklace: Divisoria
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Coach 
Top: Thrifted | Undershirt: Thrifted | Trousers: Forever 21 | Blazer: Forever21
Today is a great day. The sun is out and I just don't feel like doing anything so I'll just probably enjoy browsing all the social media sites and eating whatever we have in here LOL. I hope you also have  nice day :)

One more thing. It's the 1st year anniversary of my Youtube Channel(TheThriftyHannako) and I'm planning to do a Q&A video later. So, if you have some questions you an put it in the comments below or tweet me @hannakongohayon and I'll surely answer it in the video which I'll also post here once it's up.

Be yourself❤

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Non Repetatur

I do not know where this rule came from, but apparently bloggers/celebrities or people in general can't wear the same clothes when it's already photographed, hence the title. Say whaaaat? 

Well I'll admit at first, I also didn't want to repeat the clothes I posted here on my blog. But reality hit me. A girl not can't have that much of clothes that she can have different items in her outfits for 365 days of the year, can she?  But on the other hand, a girl have clothes that can be mixed and matched to create outfits so she can fill each day of the year. See what I did there? 

Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Thrifted
Yes, I already used both of these items in an outfit post here and here. The reason why I can get away wearing these again is because they are categorized as basic pieces and repeating them is not actually a big deal. And that's why I adore basics so much. 
Well I can say that this pairing is my go-to outfit. It's an effortless look and also very comfortable.

Watch: Coach | Pearl bracelet: Thrifted | Braided Bracelet: Simone's Closet

Flats: People are People
Wow! My pictures are getting fewer each time I edit. Well that I can blame to me being so picky and also because of terrible lighting at night. Well, this is always our problem(me and my brother) when we take pictures at night. Besides from there is no decent light around, there is also no good backdrop to take pictures on. So that's the story why I only have three pictures for today.

Nonetheless, I hope you guys liked the outfit :) 

I'm really trying to keep up with the schedule I came up with and I apologize for the inconsistency of my blog. To make it out to you here's a video that I recently filmed :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Flash in Disguise

 Prelim exams were wrapped up and I finally got to blog(Woot!woot!). Doesn't it feel like it's been a really long time since I last posted here? Well, it's actually just a week but still, I missed blogging and just talking and sharing my outfits to you in general.

This post is going to be all about debuts, which is helpful mostly to those who belong to the same age bracket as mine. But it can also be helpful for my more mature readers out there. 

Tip No.1 Always dress up according to the dress code. If the dress code is not indicated, it is better for you to ask the debutant personally. This little piece of information will guide you in creating you outfit for the occasion. It helps avoid overdressing/underdressing and can also help and guide you color-wise.

Tip No. 2 One of the fashion no-no's for girls is having to share the exact same dress/ensemble in an occasion. Doesn't this scenario suck? Well at least it is for me, because standing out and making a statement is very crucial for me. It is just so frustrating to have prepared for a substantial amount of time thinking of what to wear to a debut and when you finally decided on a very pretty dress there is atleast one person that wears the exact thing that you have on. To steer away from this dilemma, find pieces that have really interesting cuts and details to come up with the perfect stand out ensemble. Another way is to go completely the opposite of my first advice. Go for minimalistic or classic cuts and silhouttes and you can stand out just the same. But despite of everything I said, the first thing to consider is not to outshine the debutant. Yes I know, let's say you really want to make a statement but it's her night and she should be the only 'queen of the night'. Let us just give her this one night shall we? We can have all teh other nights for ourselves after this LOL.  I know it's really hard to stand out but at the same time toned down, but I'm sure that if you see the dress/ensemble the first time, you'll know that it's the one(whoa! parang sa totoong buhay lang ah).
I only have two tips for now, and let's hope for more in the future :)

Let's move on to what I wore to the first debut I ever attended.  

Evidently, the theme for the night are neon and bright colors. And knowing my style, I'm never really the kind of girl who likes really bright colors. I always stick to my basic colors and neutrals pretty much conquer my closet. Nevertheless, it is really nice to have these occassions as an excuse to dress up away from my comfort zone. Plus I really have been waiting for an event to wear this dress out. Isn't it the perfect dress for this occasion? 

What I love about this dress is the cut of it. When we hear of asymmetrical dresses,  we always think about high-low/mullet dresses. Well, I introduce you to another asymmetrical dress. 
This ensemble is also the perfect balance of standing out but still gives a room for the debutante to shine. So.... 
Goes by the dress code? CHECK!
Appropriate for the occasion? CHECK! 

Necklace: SM Department Store
Bracelets: All from Divisoria
Dress: Thrift Store | Boots: BU4(Ms. Kookie Buhain) | Leather jacket: Thrift store | Clutch: SM Department store
So far, this is just my first debut to become a part of and I know this year is going to be packed with a lot of debut celebrations which means I really am getting old LOL. Anyway, I guess I better start collecting pretty dresses huh? 

P.S. I am just curious on your opinion of debuts. Would you want to have one for yourself? If yes, what is your dream debut celebration? 

What do you think of my outfit?
Be yourself❤

P.P.S Besides my blog, one more way of expressing my love for fashion is through making fashion youtube videos.Here's a video that I have been working on these past few days :)
Hope you like it! SUBSCRIBE for more fashion videos.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarlet Chic

I have always dreamt to have that perfect winter season wherein I'm just sitting in my PJs maybe drinking a cup of choco, overlooking by the window watching the snow gently fall down the streets. Isn't that like a picture perfect scenario? Oh the things movies can do to people. Anyway, another  reason why I like to have a cold weather is so I experiment more on my style and since we only have two seasons here,  it limits our fashion choices. But given the chance to layer, I always grab it wholeheartedly so here's what I came up with. 

Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Thrifted | Tights: SM Dep't Store | Shoes: Suprafame 

Well, I definitely did not go overboard with layers because even if we're already in Bagiuo, it is still not necessary to wear coats and all that jazz. What I did is I just formulated(formulated talaga? LOL) an outfit just like I always do in a daily basis. And from there, I looked for things to add so I can stand the colder weather in Bagiuo. In this case, I just added tights in a simple outfit for heat and style.  

I'm really loving this of types shirts lately having high necklines.  In my opinion, it can look really elegant and a basic piece that can be styled in many ways. Take this outfit as an example. A simple top paired with a simple skirt, accented by really simple accessories,  but what made it really look elegant and different is the cut of the shirt which I think is a minute detail that all of us should look in a shirt. 

I love this shot! It's perfect. Thanks to my all time Photographer, my brother :) 

 And yes if you're wondering, I really posed in front of the people of Baguio. Well maybe not in front, but we shot this were a lot of people were just chillin' and passing by the area and it's a bit frustrating to find an empty space to shoot with total silence and privacy so wala ng arte rate, pose ka na lang, take it or leave it!LOL, I was forced to just take it all in and just pose! LOL

And of course you can't leave Baguio without riding a bike or a boat, haha. It's actually like a tradition for us Filipinos to do all these things even if we had done it a thousand times.  Regardless, all in all it was a great trip and it made me remember a glimpse of my childhood which is always good.

What do you think about my outfit? 
Be yourself❤

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Hangover

I'll give my self a pat in the back for keeping up with my schedule, oh yeah *pat *pat!

I'm still on the verge of getting over the holiday season, hence my title. I still want those bright and flashing lights and lanterns at night. I miss the ambiance where in everywhere I look and go seems like everyone is singing with happiness. *sigh I guess I'll have to wait for another 12 months, oh well!

Anyway, I actually miss the holiday season because of this outfit that I'm about to explain . And it's because this is what I wore last Christmas. It was a very busy day for our family because it's also the birthday of my little brother. There were a lot of people to accomodate and plenty of kids to entertain. And what's a kids party without parlor games right? So every year it was kind of our job to prepare a bunch of parlor games to keep the kids  amused but it seems like parlor games are more enjotyable for the adults. And of course we always stick to the classics. There is the Stop dance, Pahabaan ng gamit, Trip to jerusalem, Paper dance, and the infamous Pinoy Henyo. With that being said, dressing up is really not an option. You don't want to be having your dress ruined by cute but filthy rascals do you?

If I can't dress up might as well dress comfortably but still pretty. And when I hear comfort I immediately go for my trusty ol' jeans. I paired it with a pullover and for now I only have one which is gray. I took a hint from that two pieces and from there I went monochromatic.  

It seems like this kind of picture is all over the blogging world and I thought I might as well join the bandwagon

To make my outfit more interesting I added my peter pan collar necklace. I added minimal accessories because of the activity that was lined up for that day. And I think having a small amount of accessories in this outfit gave it a more laid back and polished look at once.

Skull and Cross Bracelet: Divisoria

Top: Thrifted | Jeans: Thrifted | Loafers: Suprafame

I love how my outfit is far from everybody else. Majority has pretty dresses and sky high heels and I love that I'm different, it makes me feel special :) 
Baka naman ako lang talaga ang tinamad magayos. LOL

I wish I have the scenery of the province but the accessibilty of the city, that would be the perfect combination. This was taken from a place at our original house and I really want a backyard like this so bad. But unfortunately I can't. This is the time where I doubt the saying Anything is Possible. Can I plant flowers and trees and grow a whole garden here in the city? No I can't. But I do believe that Everything has  a purpose so maybe there's a reason behind this LOL. 

What do you think about my outfit? 
Be yourself❤

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Tapia

Here's another outfit post from last year. Wow! That sounded like it's been so long LOL.
This is what I wore to our block's christmas party and it was last December 21, the same as the day of Paskuhan. 

Let me just tell you a story why I chose this title. So I was preparing for the party not really having an inspiration for my outfit and I just grabbed these pieces and hope they'd go together. I put my hair on a bun because my brother thought it would go with my outfit and I eventually  went to school. And as I entered the room where the party will be held, a few of my block mates were like Miss Tapia! And I thought it was funny because my outfit kind of resembles a teacher uniform *laugh. If you don't know who Miss Tapia is, you can google it because honestly I don't know much about her also. 

Loafers: Supra Fame
 Blazer: BU4( Bestie Konisis) | Dress: Thrifted | Bag: Thrifted

I really like how simple this outfit is, because there are just those days where my laziness get to me and that affects on how I dress. But outfits like this are so convenient. It did not take much of my time and energy since it only composes of two clothing pieces and sometimes minimalistic dressing can be a real statement( I probably mentioned this for the millionth time lol ). 

Now I can see where the teacher thing is coming from but I hope I portrayed that in a good way.  No offense to all the teacher's out there :)

This outfit also shows why I love blazers so much. They do not only cover my man-like arms but they also can really amp up an outfit. What do you think? 

So I decided to post once every other day. In that way I can be a consistent blogger and at the same I can do school stuffs in between days. And I hope that schedule will work if not I can always make a new one :) 

That's about it! As usual I have a ton of things to do. And I just can't seem to start doing them without blogging first. Is that a bad thing? Oh well, that's me! 
I'll end this post by saying, laziness is really the enemy of students like me (Or is it just me? tsk tsk).

Be Yourself 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paskuhan 2012

Hooray for my first outfit post this year, 2013. But then let's reminisce for awhile the things that happened last 2012. One of the highlight of last year is the infamous Paskuhan of UST. And of course as a freshman I just can't miss such a very big event for my university. Plus, I also want to witnesss the fireworks display that everybpdy is taking about. All in all I'm glad I went because it was such a fun experience and I'm already excited for this year's Paskuhan :)

The event lasted until midnight and we stayed until the end. My brother and I, being a committed look bookers that we are, managed to take our outfit shots. And I thought that the messy grandstand is a great backdrop LOL. What do you think? 

Shorts: Thrifted 

As usual I was having a hard time picking an outfit, appropriate for this event. But, I always wanted to dress like I'm going to a music festival. And considering paskuhan consists of a mini concert I thought why not? So Basically, this outfit is something I would wear at a music festival or something similar to that. 

Cross and skull bracelet: Divisoria

Top: Thrifted | Hat: Gelibean Couture | Flats: Suprafame | Belt: SM Kids Accessories
This outfit is again a great example of showing that basic pieces can also make a statement. With the right pairing and accessories it can stand out from a pool of trendy outfits. Another thing is, I'm really diggin' the combination of black and red. My brother sees it as a very dark combination but for me it screams sophistication. 

That's it! 2012 had been a good year and I hope 2013 can top it :) 
I have high hopes for my blog and youtube channel. I've been really committed in these two and I want to thank all of my readers, viewers and subscribers for supporting my passion. I wish you'll still stick with me for 2013.

Also, if you're interested I did my first ever Christmas Haul and just feel free to watch. And If you've got time you may also check out my channel and subscribe if you want to :))) 

Be yourself!