Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Waves of Style

Long time no blog posts!

Let's talk about thrift stores, because this post is going to be about them. If you'll ask me, I have always been a fan of thrift stores. Well, that's the understatement of the day. I LIVE thrifting. The majority of my closet are from thrift stores. Well, you can't blame me. First of all, since my style is "may pagkamanang" as my Mom puts it, or "vintage chic" as I would like to call it, thrift stores are the perfect place for me. I can find treasure that I can't find anywhere else. It helps you convey style and originality.

Now about the post, I would be doing a chain lookbook and show you 5 pairing using pieces from my thrift store finds. This is to prove that you can love fashion without suffering from the ridiculously high prices. Who says you can't rock high fashion with low prices,  right? 

I would be posting my first look later this day after my exam. I know, who blogs before examination? I just want to clear my mind before exams, and I enjoy blogging:)

P.S. Comment down below if you are also a thrift store junkie.

Have a nice day!

Be Yourself❤

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pretty Little Navy

Last Monday me and my high school friends went out and had a little "reunion". We had lunch at Mcdo, the place where we always have lunch back when we were in high school. We did a lot of catching up and just enjoyed the moment of togetherness. We visited our alma mater and reminisced all the memories that we built in that place. Anyway, before I get teary eyed writing all these, I'll now talk about my outfit. 

I know we went out at lunch but my photos are all night shots. The reason behind this is that, my brother has always been the one who take my photos. But since he also went out that day to meet his friends I am left without any photographer. My thoughtful mom volunteered to take my photos but it ended up not that great. But thanks Mom for trying. 

Moving on. I wore the color navy blue from head to knees LOL. I was so lazy to come  up with a more  colorful outfit that I just went with a monochromatic look. And I think I pretty much achieved what I had in mind, PREPPY! 

Top: Divisoria | Skirt: Thrifted


Shoes: PRP

Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Wrap Bracelet: Papemelroti

L-R Diane, Con, Pauline, Mitzy, Leane, Jastine, Me, Wang, Glydelyne, Thea, Pia
My beautiful friends. They look great, don't they? Pia's pants are so adorable and everyone else just looks  awesome! I really missed this guys and I never stopped smiling while I'm with them(A little bit creepy?).

Vacation is over  I am now going back to Manila tonight and I will miss the province, really. Anyway, it is nice seeing all these people and it made my vacation more meaningful. 

By the way, our preliminary exams will be next week. That means, there will be no more blogging for me in the next few weeks. I'll try to post somethings but I can't promise you an outfit post. Just a little hiatus, I'll be back :)

How's your vacation?
Be Yourself

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Hidden Bucket

Hi Guys! Have you been enjoying your long weekend? So far, I am enjoying mine. Yesterday, I spent the day with my family. We first went to church to pray, and then we visited our grandparents at the bario. Since I was gone for about 2 months, it is really a must to go visit mama and papa. 

The difference between the urban life in Manila and the rural life hits me. There are so many things that is not present in the bario yet they seem satisfied. Why can't we be like them. Thankful and happy with what we have. Just a thought, anyway, moving on.

I didn't pack a lot of clothes because I know it would be hard for me to carry them back to Manila so I just brought basic things. One of clothing item that I brought is this navy blue trousers( which is so overused LOL ). And the top Im wearing is actually left at my closet, and I can't believe that I actually left it when I came to Manila. Because now that I'm looking at it, I think it so pretty.

Trousers: Forever 21 | Top: Thrifted 

Belt: SM Department Store | Bag: Primadonna

Shoes: PRP

Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Chain Bracelet: Papemelroti

I tried to pose in the rain, and this is how it turned out Haha. At the end I was so soaking wet. (*sigh the things I do for this blog)

This vacation is coming to an end and I am really not ready to go back to that chaotic and stressful world called college. And it hurts more that I can't do anything about it.
Anyway, look out for my a post on what happened today with my high school friends and classmates. 
Ciao for now!

P.S Did you find the hidden bucket?
Be yourself❤

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boots For Rainy Days

Since it's been raining for these past few days, I didn't get a chance to get out and take some outfit shots. And today the sun started to show up but I still can't get out since the streets are still flooded.
Anyway, here's a polyvore on what would I wear if ever I go out. 

The first thing that would come to mind in planning for an outfit considering a bad weather, is what shoes to wear. You don't want to destroy your shoes right? Well, I think boots are the most appropriate shoewear. It keeps your feet from getting wet and it doesn't sacrifice fashion.

To create a contrast I will pair it with a dress. I personally like the combination of grungy and classic pieces. The parkas and the fringe bag go more on the grungy side but I think it works.

I hope you got some inspiration in this, and may consider wearing boots when you go out in a rainy day.

Keep safe everyone!
Be Strong❤

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to: Mix Prints

Now adays, it is hard to come up with an outfit that can make a big statement. Now that everybody is into fashion, it requires something more to stand out. You need to take some risks. You need to get out of your comfort zone and maybe break some fashion rules. One of the fashion rules that my mom have been stressing to me since I was a child is never mix two prints together. But now that the fashion world has evolved you can definitely mix not two, not three but even four prints together. 
Here are the basic ideas on how to mix prints so it won't show harsh transitions of the prints.

1. Floral and Polka Dots
( The same colors )

2. Two Florals
( Different sizes and concentration )

3. Stripes and Polka Dots
( Subtle mix of prints)

These are just some of my ideas on how you can mix prints. The truth is, there is no rule in fashion, if you think it's right, then just go with it.

P.S. Please include our fellow Filipinos in your prayer. 

Be Strong❤

Monday, August 6, 2012


Last Sunday, my brother and I went to church. And I thought I would share what I wore. It was a gloomy day and I'm afraid it would rain. And I hate it when mud splashes at my calves. And so a great idea came to my mind, and that is to use tights/hosiery. And voila! no more muds, foreverrrrrr! 
Anyway, on to my outfit. There are two reasons why I dress up. First is to express myself (And honestly, to look good) , and second is to see what are the reactions of the people when they see something new, something different. Will they give you the stink eye? Or will they smile? I got some  fair amount of stink eyes that day, but I did not see a smile at all,  Haha. 

Top: Thrifted | Necklace: Divisoria

Bag: Thrifted | Bracelet: Thrifted

Oxfords: SM Department Store

 Flooded streets and a rainy sky are the only things I could see right now. I don't know If I'm terrified about the fact that I could not see any land, or glad because the classes are suspended( atin, atin lang to ah, pero hindi pa ako nakatreview para sa mga quiz eh LOL ). 

Have a great day!
Be yourself❤

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Treasures: Divisoria

Yeah, another treasures to share to you guys.  Remember my friend I talked to you about on my last treasure post? Well, we went on a shopping trip, again! But this time we went to DIVISORIA!  I know it is not the most likely place to shop but we found some pretty awesome stuff. 
I am really psyched to shop again. I was in a bit of a shopping hiatus because of all the school work. And it feels so good to shop LOL. 

Let's move on to the stuffs that I purchased.

I bought these statement choker necklaces. They have the same style but their designs create a contrast since the one is classy and the other one is edgy.

I have been into peter pan collars lately and I when I found this I got so excited that I can't choose between all the colors. And obviously I ended up buying these white ones since I thought It would be easier to pair with clothes I already have in my closet.

Modern Day Messenger Bag

Peter Pan-collared Top

Mullet Skirt

Rusty Brown Trousers

To give justice to these pieces I would just feature them on an outfit to show their real beauty. For now let's leave it at that. For the sake of a good conversation what is your favorite item?  

That's all for today. Goodnight everybody.
Be yourself ❤