Saturday, November 17, 2012

10 Must-have Wardrobe Basics

I finally decided to do this post, the 10 Must-have Wardrobe Basics. I know you can see a bunch of lists like this over the internet, but this is my personal opinion on what should be on all women/ girl's closet. 

I think you now know that I have a thing for blazers. I adore them for they give a casual look an *oomph and a polished outfit sophistication. Ideally, the must-have color for a blazer is black, but for me, navy blue is also an essential. 

Jeans have been among us since the 18th century and I think or more likely I believe that it will never go out of style.  A woman should at least have one pair of perfect fitting dark wash jeans. Why dark wash you might ask? Among all the washes of jeans, the dark wash seems to portray different kind of style and is the classic blue jeans.

As I say, you can never have enough white shirts. White top with a bow, a simple buttoned down, peter-pan collared top, normal sleeves, quarter sleeves, long sleeve, you can have it all, and it's never a regret to buy them.

I think everyone will agree with me on this one, the ultimate LBD or the little black dress. Every woman should have an LBD, whether it's a shift dress, a skater dress, a tight-fitting dress it can give you that elegant and class.  I think that the LBD is the living proof of the saying Simplicity is Beauty.

Of course we cannot forget the shoes, right ladies? To go with your little back dress, you should have you little black shoes LOL. It s the mother of all basic shoes and I'll go ahead and call it as the all-purpose shoes.  It can be casual or dressy and can depict different kinds of style. On the other hand, nude shoes I think is worthy enough to be called a must-have. It's for those ladies who prefers its light presence rather than the black one. But either shoes can give you what you want in an outfit. I myself  have been lusting for a nude heels sometime now, and I haven't found the perfect one, even though I know it doesn't exist. 

For those ladies out there who can't stand a day wearing heels, well I also got some basic flats for you. Many say that flats are never a pride of the fashion industry but then fashion should not always be about style/trend, it should also consider comfort, because that's the reason why these clothes are invented anyway. Anyway, stick with the basic colors and you're good to go.

Shorts-wise,  highwaisted is the word. I remember those times that shorts are only used when lounging at home. But now, whether you're going for casual or dressier looks,  shorts can now be there for usage. But for me, I'm not totally over the fact that shorts were used only for your family/housemates to see. But eventually I see that shorts, high-waisted shorts specifically can be decent enough to be worn outside the house. And a few must-have are a black,red. navy blue and khaki high-waisted shorts, and of course a denim high-waisted shorts. 

Basic tees, I think I don't need to explain this. It's a must-have and it's always going to be a must-have.

I think we all have denim jackets we're been hiding inside our cabinets.  Well, it's time to get those babies out because it is now considered as a basic piece, I think it always have been. Anyway, a denim jacket is an essential because it can be worn on all season, in any country, and in any time zone LOL.  

And finally, skirts! Skirts are my recently discovered obsession. Again, you can never go wrong with a simple black skirt but also then again a navy-blue one can be as essential. 

Disclaimer: All photos are from google.

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