Saturday, June 16, 2012

Iloilo Day 4: Like a Carrot

Before we went to the airport,  one of the last two places we stopped by is the "Museo Iloilo". It is not actually allowed to take photos of the exhibit inside but my brother managed to snap some photos( Talk about "Pasaway").

Of course, your Iloilo trip would not be complete if you did not visit the "Original Biscocho Haus".

Guess who wants to be alone? 
I was reading the book three of the Percy Jackson Series which is "The Titan's Curse".

And the saddest part is to go back to Manila :(
I don't know why, but whenever I ride an airplane I always want to take a picture of the sky. So here it is a random blob of clouds.

Blazer: Landmark | Top: Thrifted | Shoes: Parisian 

I built my outfit around my top. As you can see my top consists of two main colors, green and orange. So I accessorized through an orange blazer and a green shoes. I kept my bag neutral to keep the two-toned scheme of the outfit. 

Bag: Parisian | Arm Candy: PRP and  Papemelrotti

And that concludes our Iloilo Trip.
 I always want to travel to other countries, but after this trip, I now want to visit our very own places first. 

Be Yourself❤

Friday, June 15, 2012

Iloilo Day 3: The Day I Did Nothing

This would be the shortest entry for my Iloilo trip since half of our day was devoted in sitting and watching the graduation celebration which is the main reason we were there. But here are a set of pictures that I took earlier that day.

We went to the University of the Philippines Visayas, and took some pictures with the statues. And yeah, we are Filipinos like that.

Do you recognize what is behind my back? 

Here is the ze famous "Oblation".

And here is.... a statue of a half naked woman(hahaha).

That is it for the day and let's move on to what I wore that day :)

Top: Thrifted | Blazer: Landmark | Shoes: Parisian | Necklace: Landmark

I can't really describe or talk about my outfit for this day, because a had a hard time thinking of what I should wear considering the weather and the celebration. I don't want to be so dressed up because it is so hot and with that being the standard I came up with this outfit. 

Look out for my last entry to my Iloilo adventure :)
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Iloilo Day 2: Uncoordinated

At last! I found a way to blog. You might be asking, about the hiatus not only here in my blog but also on my youtube channel. Well, as all of you know or some of you might know that I am already in college, which means, more load on homework, and lesser leisure time which is the time I do all of these. And the lack of internet connection adds to my problem, BIG TIME! Luckily, through tattoo broadband(whoo! endorser? Halla!LOL) I solved this problem. 

I am really sorry about the inconsistency of this blog. I'm still on the adjustment stage of EVERYTHING, and so I hope you are still with me amidst of all this struggles. Enough with that short dramatic moment and let us continue with my second day at Iloilo.

I told you there are more churches to come. I think we went to three different churches that day and I forgot which is which. I 'm just going to show you the photos and let them do the talking. By the way, can you find us in the photo?

Here is a peek on what I wore that day.

  After church hopping, we went to a a place called Fish World and here is my favorite shot that I took there. 

I was amazed by this mural, it is just so colorful and alive. I don't know what it is exactly but it caught my eye.

Here are a couple more view on my outfit.

We took a break and took our lunch at "Doming Talabahan". Best part of the day!  

 GARINFARM was one of my favorite destinations that day. You'll see in a minute why.

I'm so proud of myself for taking this beautiful shot. This  photo describes the atmosphere at Garinfarm, peaceful and calming. 

Upon getting to the mid part of the farm we took a break and I was fascinated by this tiny coke in can(Cute eh?). 

 Since it is also almost holy week that time we went,  we were very willing to climb the whole pilgrimage.

It looks easy, but climbing these stairs seem like forever.

 As you climb up the stairs, you will be passing trough the 14 stations of the cross. Since we were still in the lowest level, me and my brother were in the Noah's Ark.

I just want to show you how vibrant my pants are in this photo. Weird huh?
We succeeded! As soon as we got at the top, we took a picture of the cross. I also took this shot and was so happy with the result.  

 This reminds me of heaven, not that I already went there but based on the image in my mind on what heaven looks like. And the pose of my brother just adds to the drama.

 Sunglasses: Hip Culture | Hat: My Brother's

Top: Thrifted | Pants: Greenhills | Shoes: Rusty Lopez | Bag: Primadonna

What do you notice on my outfit, do you find something wrong with it? And are you curious about my title? Well, the answer to these questions are connected to each other. 

As I look at what I wore that day, I started to question the coordination of the colors in my outfit. Based on my opinion, this outfit is a little bit chaotic, and that is because I only have a limited clothes to mix and match with. The lesson is when you travel, include neutral pieces so that you will not have the difficulty of uncoordinated colors in you outfit.
I survived my first week in college and slowly I am learning to manage my time so look forward to more posts.

Check out my latest haul video.
Be Optimistic❤ 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Iloilo Day 1: A Real Filipino...

I was so nervous about not being consistent in posting here in my blog. And so you know what I did? I browsed the photos here in my computer opening folder after folder after folder hoping to find something to blog about. And obviously I found some, that is why I'm blogging right now. Holla!

We went to Iloilo last April 1-4 because my dad was invited to be the speaker of a university which I can't remember. But we are very thankful,  for they let us stayed in a very nice Hotel. And you might ask what am I doing there, in a work related business? Well I'm the personal assistant of my dad so.. Nah! totally kidding. So we decided to tag-along, and when I say we,  I meant the whole family, Yay! 

We arrived at Iloilo on April 1 at approximately 9 a.m. We rested a little(And when I say little, I meant   10 minutes little.)  and immediately went out for sight seeing and lunch! That would probably what a real Filipino would do right? Sight seeing? And food? (Hence, the Title) 

We ate at Tatoy's Manukan and Seafood Restaurant, it is one of the best in its category. A real filipino will take a picture at almost everything they see in a place, in our case the restaurant's sign.

I had the best seafood experience and for the "panulak" you can never go wrong with buko juice.(Yum!)

Okay, I didn't do justice to this wonderful dish. It might not for everybody's liking but this is great for those who want to try new things.

Iloilo is the place if you wan't to go church hopping. And I was amazed how they preserved the true structure of their churches.

We went to two churches on our first day, and since I'm not listening thoroughly to the people who are guiding us, I don't know the history of the churches, all I know is they are Beautiful!

 Breathtaking murals  on the ceiling.

Since I haven't started my blog then, I don't care about taking my outfit details but I do have a whole outfit  picture and here's what I wore.

Top: Thrift Store | Shoes: Parisian | Bag: Primadonna | Sunnies: Hip Culture

Look out for more photos on my next post about our Iloilo Adveture. You can also check out a video that I made on my youtube channel. 
Finally I will be going to manila this evening. So I'll blog my other Iloilo days on Manila.

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