Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last month I took a huge step and start living healthy. I work out (Boxing, blogilates, jogging, etc.) at least 4 times a week and I am also trying to eat clean. But once in awhile I treat myself and indulge on sinful foods, yes, I have a cheat day! In most of my cheat days I always crave for sweets and I found one that I think would definitely go on my list of favorite treats! 

"Jarred" is what this product is called and obviously because it's in a jar. A very convenient packaging for when you want to bring it to places. It's perfect for students like me since I am constantly either at school or running errands for school. 

What I like most about this is it has fruits in it so it makes me feel like not cheating at all. It's super delicious and a very satisfying snack. 

I believe there are 2 other flavors available but for me, this one is the winner.

Be yourself!


  1. what made you make the lifestyle change? I have recently done the same thing because I want to be more fit and feel healthy and am training for a 5K :D

    1. I guess it just makes me feel zoo good not just about my body but also about myself as a whole ;)

  2. That looks fantastic! What a great idea, you can toss it in your bag and go!

  3. That looks really yummy, and I wouldn't blame you. Wow, another popster, nice to meet you!

  4. Where can i buy this?

  5. Why are you retired? I sended you facebook message?

  6. I have such a weakness for sweets in jars -your post made me want to make lemon pie in a jar now.

  7. Hello Han! I just want to know, where did you buy this mango graham in a jar? I'm interested to buy. Is the store where you bought it still open?