Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boots For Rainy Days

Since it's been raining for these past few days, I didn't get a chance to get out and take some outfit shots. And today the sun started to show up but I still can't get out since the streets are still flooded.
Anyway, here's a polyvore on what would I wear if ever I go out. 

The first thing that would come to mind in planning for an outfit considering a bad weather, is what shoes to wear. You don't want to destroy your shoes right? Well, I think boots are the most appropriate shoewear. It keeps your feet from getting wet and it doesn't sacrifice fashion.

To create a contrast I will pair it with a dress. I personally like the combination of grungy and classic pieces. The parkas and the fringe bag go more on the grungy side but I think it works.

I hope you got some inspiration in this, and may consider wearing boots when you go out in a rainy day.

Keep safe everyone!
Be Strong❤


  1. Hi Hannako! (love your name BTW, is it Japanese?)
    Upon stumbling upon your website, I've discovered a gem!~ I love the outfits you put together, and the outlay of your website is very cute!XD ;3 I'm definitely following!~

    - Nancy

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it is japanese, I think it means Flower and daughter. But I'm not japanese though, just my name.
      I appreciate what you said and thank you for following❤

    2. ;D

      I'm sorry, I can't believe I didn't even comment on your post, LOL
      I love the earthy combination of the boots and the green jacket! I used to have a jacket just like that one, but I lost it (among many other things, haha)!

      I cannot wait for Fall to come~ it is still blazingly-hot here in California, but in 3 more months, there will be crunchy leaves and rainy days galore! :D

      - Nancy

    3. Wow! You're from California? I heard there are a lot of great beaches there and a lot of great places to shop.

    4. Well, it really depends where you live. I live in Central California, and the fun things are in the coastal region. ;) It is nice, because I live relatively close to San Francisco! ;D

      - Nancy

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    1. Thank you!
      Do you want to follow each other?