Tuesday, December 4, 2012

College Girl

I thought I'd blog first before diving on to a pile of homework that I have to do tonight, so lets do this!
 I just want to share you what I wore on the Pharma night held last tuesday. It's a variety show and a fashion show featuring different talents from the Faculty of Pharmacy. There are also numbers where our professors have to perform. It's amusing seeing them make a fool of themselves for a change, and I meant that in a good way :) 

I just want to have a good time hanging with my friends to I settled with pants instead of anything else. I went all out preppy and personally this can pass of as a college uniform. I would be so happy if this is going to be our uniform, Sooooo happy! LOL 

I went with my trusty ol' peter pan collar shirt to give it a more 'prim and proper' vibe. And for the final touch I tied a bow with the shirt. Can you imagine the outfit without the bow, it's just going to be a boring and mediocre outfit. Accessories-wise, I wanted to compliment the color navy with another dark color which is obviously, burgundy! I just love how they both look so rich and expensive. For shoes, nothing beats a classic, so I brought out my loafers once and for all. 

Top: Landmark | Trousers: Forever 21 | Shoes: Primadonna
IMG_2126 IMG_2095
Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Braided Bracelet: Simone's Closet
IMG_2096 IMG_2273

I would just have to say that this ensemble pretty much describes my style.
 So if I will ask you, what's your style? 
Be yourself


  1. Lovely look!
    Very simple, but cute :)
    I'm following your blog now,
    I'd really appreaciate it if you could visit my blog too and follow me back!

    x Elena

  2. Super cute outfit! I love the shoes.