Friday, June 15, 2012

Iloilo Day 3: The Day I Did Nothing

This would be the shortest entry for my Iloilo trip since half of our day was devoted in sitting and watching the graduation celebration which is the main reason we were there. But here are a set of pictures that I took earlier that day.

We went to the University of the Philippines Visayas, and took some pictures with the statues. And yeah, we are Filipinos like that.

Do you recognize what is behind my back? 

Here is the ze famous "Oblation".

And here is.... a statue of a half naked woman(hahaha).

That is it for the day and let's move on to what I wore that day :)

Top: Thrifted | Blazer: Landmark | Shoes: Parisian | Necklace: Landmark

I can't really describe or talk about my outfit for this day, because a had a hard time thinking of what I should wear considering the weather and the celebration. I don't want to be so dressed up because it is so hot and with that being the standard I came up with this outfit. 

Look out for my last entry to my Iloilo adventure :)
Be Humble ❤


  1. great trip :) colour of your top is beautiful :)