Friday, October 19, 2012

First Day out

Last Thursday was my first day out this semestral break. For the past few days I was so bored and so irritated by the fact that I am not doing anything. So when my friend texted me and told me were going out I was so psyched and happy for me and for my blog(You know, at last I have something to blog about). But earlier that day I first went to the hospital to have a check up with my pediatrician. To fully understand this part, first I have to explain what happened a few days ago. 

Last summer, my dad has influenced me to run every other morning together with my brothers. And since I don't do it anymore the minute I went to Manila, I missed running now that I am back home. So I asked my dad if he could join me to run a few kilometers just like old times. But after running a kilometer or so, my heart began to contract as if I can hardly breathe and in addition to that my vision became a little blurry. So I stopped and since I really can't breathe we ended up going home riding a tricycle, and I think thats a no no. But what can I do? I can't push myself to run or even just walk. 

This is not the first time this happened to me, and this startled my parents since I came from a family where two of our relatives died due to heart failure. So they decided that I should be checked up by a doctor. That is why I went to the hospital that day.  For those who are concerned of me, I am okay. The doctor said everything is normal and I probably just pushed myself too hard. He recommended to pace myself when running and to know my limitations. 

Moving on to the brunch me and my friends had, there was a little problem. It seems like all the restaurants and fast food chains in Santiago were closed. We were hungry and just so excited to talk to each other so we settled at Jolibee, the most over rated place to eat.  But it doesn't matter since we just want sit down, eat and talk about what we missed in each other's life as a college student.

Here's what I wore.
The photos may be a little odd for you that is because my brother tried to do something diferrent on the setting of our camera and this is the result of all that. It's a little blurry but I think it adds drama to the photos. What do you think? 

Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Thrifted

Oxford shoes: Steve Madden

My brown oxfords had it's first day out also and I tell you, you'll see alot more of these babies :) At first they hurt so much, but according to hoyle, if you're shoes ain't hurting they are not worth it LOL.

Bangle: Coach | Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Watch: Coach

Bag: Thrifted

My blogging has been really hard to open up to anybody else rather than my brother. But hearing all the praises and compliments coming from my relatives makes me so happy and thankful. On the other hand, I also feel relieved for I don't have to hide it from them anymore since they are the ones who discovered it.  

For the past few months, I embodied the persona of being blogger, I enjoy it and am so passionate about it and I think I'm going to keep doing it. There's a lot of it in there LOL. 

P.S. I am about to witness my grades this semester tomorrow,  and I don't it's a good batch *sigh*. 

What are you up to?
Be yourself❤

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