Friday, November 9, 2012

Spikes and Skulls

So last November 1 we went to the cemetery, actually 3 cemeteries are our destination that day to visit our late loved ones. Yes, this is a very late post but better late than never right? 

Since we will be climbing hills and walking through muds, I decided to just stick with the basics so I would not be frustrated getting dirty to a great ensemble. Another thing to think about is what shoes to wear in this kind of case. There's something about me that always wear closed shoes when going outside, even if I'm just going to make an errand I always go for flats or any closed shoes. But in this scenario, we will be passing through some really muddy roads so I just did it, I used a sandal. In the end, I kind of liked it. Conclusion? Try new things to discover greatness. 

This outfit is great example of a basic outfit. Almost all of the clothing things I used here is an essential piece to a lady's closet. For me, simple pairing like this already makes an impact but to make it stand out more, add accessories. I could have style this with classic accessories but for the reason that it's all about dead people and spooky things, I opted for spikes and skulls!
Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Thrifted | Belt: Thrifted

Skull Necklace: Divisoria
Spike Bracelet: Divisoria
Sandals: Kenneth Cole
This outfit reflects why I love basics. It's simple yet interesting, classy and stylish, affordable and timeless it's all there ☺ 

I'm really loving my schedule this 2nd semester because first of all I get enough sleep. Then, I could give a little bit of my attention on my social media sites. And finally, It's not stressful at all, well at least it's not right now. But expect a decreasing number of posts because as I had noted on my previous posts I'm going to spend most of my time on my studies, but I'm still going to post once in a while.

Credits to my brother for these amazing photos!
Follow him at Instagram (@pngohayon) for more delightful photos. 
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Be yourself❤ 


  1. Love your outfit! Beautiful! :)

    Lauren xo

  2. Hey! I saw you on IFB and decided to check out your blog! Great blog, your outfit is fun, I love the spiked necklace.

    Now following, follow back please :)


  3. Love your spike necklace! <3 It definitely adds a new dimension to the look!