Friday, June 1, 2012

Iloilo Day 1: A Real Filipino...

I was so nervous about not being consistent in posting here in my blog. And so you know what I did? I browsed the photos here in my computer opening folder after folder after folder hoping to find something to blog about. And obviously I found some, that is why I'm blogging right now. Holla!

We went to Iloilo last April 1-4 because my dad was invited to be the speaker of a university which I can't remember. But we are very thankful,  for they let us stayed in a very nice Hotel. And you might ask what am I doing there, in a work related business? Well I'm the personal assistant of my dad so.. Nah! totally kidding. So we decided to tag-along, and when I say we,  I meant the whole family, Yay! 

We arrived at Iloilo on April 1 at approximately 9 a.m. We rested a little(And when I say little, I meant   10 minutes little.)  and immediately went out for sight seeing and lunch! That would probably what a real Filipino would do right? Sight seeing? And food? (Hence, the Title) 

We ate at Tatoy's Manukan and Seafood Restaurant, it is one of the best in its category. A real filipino will take a picture at almost everything they see in a place, in our case the restaurant's sign.

I had the best seafood experience and for the "panulak" you can never go wrong with buko juice.(Yum!)

Okay, I didn't do justice to this wonderful dish. It might not for everybody's liking but this is great for those who want to try new things.

Iloilo is the place if you wan't to go church hopping. And I was amazed how they preserved the true structure of their churches.

We went to two churches on our first day, and since I'm not listening thoroughly to the people who are guiding us, I don't know the history of the churches, all I know is they are Beautiful!

 Breathtaking murals  on the ceiling.

Since I haven't started my blog then, I don't care about taking my outfit details but I do have a whole outfit  picture and here's what I wore.

Top: Thrift Store | Shoes: Parisian | Bag: Primadonna | Sunnies: Hip Culture

Look out for more photos on my next post about our Iloilo Adveture. You can also check out a video that I made on my youtube channel. 
Finally I will be going to manila this evening. So I'll blog my other Iloilo days on Manila.

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  1. wow, amazing pictures :)

    1. Thanks :) stay tuned for more on my next post.