Monday, April 8, 2013

Look who decided to blog, Me!

I know! I know! It's really been awhile since my last post in this blog, it's been two months to be exact. I won't do the apologizing routine that all bloggers do when they had an unannounced hiatus. Instead I would just say, it's a new day and it's time to start my blog running again. 

Before I'll go with my outfit I would like to update you on the things that I've been up to these past few months.  First of all, I've been quite committed to my Youtube Channel, TheThriftyHannako, and now I have 1,900+ subscribers/friends and I couldn't be more thankful and happy. And I guess that is also a minute reason why I haven't been blogging. But if you want more than 1 OOTD or if you want fashion  how tos then my channel is right for you ;) And the second thing would be me having my first internship as a pharmacy student. It's a one month internship which leaves me having only one month vacation. But so far I'm enjoying this internship and am learning a lotttt!

So now shall we go to my outfit? Yes we can! LOL
This is again one of my typical go-to outfits. I wore this when I went to church and knowing I'm going to a holy place and not a fashion event I decided to dress appropriately. And for me the most appropriate attire is composed of pants. This is just to avoid all those blinding and scary glares and stares from elders, they can be really scary sometimes. 

I have seen bracelets like this everywhere and I noticed that  it's one of the favorite pieces people use for their arm candy and I can't blame them because it's so freaking cute. I know these pieces ( those with cross figures) can be a little controversial sometimes but I'm a catholic myself and I'm not offended when someone wears something with a cross on it. 
I bought this bracelet along with two short necklaces in an online store I recently found. It's called Trinkets For Keeps and they sell dainty jewellry pieces which i've been also really liking. 

As usual I went with my favorite color hue, PASTELS. It's just so springy and me! And that's all it takes for me to dress up like a cotton candy. 

Blazer: Forever 21 | Pants and Top: ChicLabel | Necklace: Accessorize

I've been thinking about posting my videos here in this blog but I'm not a 100% sure if you'll be ok with that so I would ask you a favor to comment on what you think about this idea.
I would like to thank all of you for the continued support, I now have 100 followers/friends that's is just amazing! 
Have a nice day
Be yourself!


  1. You look great. Your outfit its so simple yet chic. Nice blazer!


  2. lovely outfit <3 you look so pretty <3