Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trends to Love ❤

I've been seeing trends on different  social sites and blog, from neons to pastels, they are everywhere. And I thought I'd show you guys the ones I love and who knows, I might be seeing you rocking these trends on your own.( Yap a random post to cover up the lack of an outfit post.)

1. One of my favorite trend right now  is Pastel. I just feel that whether it is in your dress, shirt or even your shoes,  it instantly transforms an outfit into this sweet and romantic vibe. Actually it depends in your accessories because you can also incorporate pastels into an edgy outfit. It is all up to you on how you wear it. 

2. Another big trend on colors right now are Neons.  Since color blocking have been a trend since last year, i believe the fashion world is taking color blocking into the next level, and that is through neons. I know they are not everybody's cup of tea, but it's good to try new things once in awhile right?

3. I know trends may come and go, but I think this one right here is going to stay, or at least I hope it would stay. Items with lace and crochet  are such classic pieces. When I'm wearing one I just like to act all prim and proper. Not that I don't act like that everyday, well okay I don't,  LOL.

4. I believe this trend is not new to you. Many celebrities here in the Philippines are wearing high-low skirt or high-low dresses non-stop. I don't blame them because  high-low skirts makes every outfit dressy, which is a good thing I believe. Many of you might think that " I'm short, and high-low skirt looks awkward on me" well, in my personal opinion, I believe that everyone can wear high-low skirts it is all about the confidence and how you carry yourself.

 5. High-waisted skirts/shorts! I'm in love with these. Due to the extreme hotness here in the Philippines these babies are my savior. It can keep you warm without sacrificing to be fashionable. So if you don't have a high-waisted shorts/skirt yet better grab now! But if you are afraid that these trend won't stay that long and you're thinking you can't wear them anymore. My advice is grab a pair of denim high-waisted shorts because i consider them as a clothing essential/ classic piece.

6. Even when Polka dots are not yet a trend, I already worshipped this print. I just feel right when I'm wearing polka dots.  And I might say  these are not considered as a trend instead it is a classic piece every girl should have in their wardrobe.

7. These trend is a little bit on the adventurous side. The cut outs require big guts. But since it is seriously hot here in the Philippines out of desperation many Filipinos/Filipinas will love these trend. And right now I'm loving it since I found my first Item, which is the dress I showed you in my recent outfit post( or should I say My only outfit post, For now!)

8. Okay, okay , no judging. With the right pieces bustiers can be classy and appropriate. Well look at that, it is again perfect for the tropical weather of our country. I first liked and saw this trend on Selena Gomez, I might not wear these the way she wore it but it still satisfies my style.   


Well that is it! Now let us move on to the trends on accessories. What's an outfit without accessories, right?


1. This is my all-time favorite trend,  accessory-wise. It suits my style perfectly. Collars made a big come back this year and last year. There are now different styles and types of them, there are peter pan collars, collars with studs, collar necklaces, and many more. But if you ask me, peter pan collars are my favorite. They are just adorable!

2. Okay, my style is not all sweet and girly like many of you might think. I like to be edgy from time to time. And when that time comes studs, skulls, and crosses are my go to accessories. And is it just me or spikes, studs and skulls are cute now adays. That is what I love about fashion, it  surprises me( In a good way).

3. Let us not forget about the shoes. Loafers are one of those classic pieces that goes with almost everything.It is not as fashionable as heels but at least you are comfortable and cute.( I haven't found my own pair of these though.)

4. Okay so if you are still reading this super long entry, I thank you ( Bravo!).

 I know what you are thinking "I can't pull that off I'm not Lady Gaga" the thing is Lady Gaga is not the only one whose pulling off crazy glasses now adays. Celebrities, bloggers, and even average people can pull of these trend. Well specifically this cat eye shaped sunnies. They are just a tad bit different on our regular wayfarers and bug sunnies. And when you stare closely to it, it can be is classy and at the same time glamorous.

Whew! Whoa! How long is that. Well better have something than nothing at all. Well, I hope this helped you. But if not this will just serve as an update on what is in this season and the seasons to come.

Comment what's your favorite trend below.
Be yourself ☮


  1. Great inspirations! I'm your first follower :)

    1. Thank you so so much for following and commenting. This is a very special day for my blog ❤

  2. Wow! I love the neat and cute ensembles you put together. I am a true girly-girl, so I LOVED the polka-dots, the lace/crochet, and the pastel trends. Like you, I think peter pan collars are adorable! I think they're such a romantic classic, and the high-waisted skirts/shorts are a great addition too! Thanks for the awesome post! ;D

    - Nancy

    1. Thanks nancy :) I think we nearly have the same style. Love it!