Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is it a DOG or a HORSE?

I'm back! Well, just for now. I'm on a study break and I thought I should do this post now because I might not squeeze this in for next week because of my crazy schedule. There's a lot of pre-final examinations and just schoolwork in general. So sorry if I lack posts this week and will lack posts for next week. 

This is again a very casual outfit that I wore on a family day out. And usually the day was spent on shopping and eating. We actually went to Baclaran and it was pretty amazing to shop there. Everything is so cheap. But on the down side, you have to buy it as wholesale or what we call here in the Philippines as "pakyawan". I did a haul on what I bought at Baclaran so if you want to see that just click here.

Back on the outfit, I was very sure that I will shorts that day beacuse it was so hot out, but I have this one rule that when I show skin in the bottom half of my body, then, I have to cover up in the other half. But once again it was very hot out so I went with a long sleeve sheer top. It covers my skin but it's not too heavy that I'll die because of heat. 

As you can see I kind of went with a color scheme of red, blue and black and I thought the colors work well together. This outfit is preppy and at the same time edgy and I thought that it's very interesting to mix those two style together. It reminds me of something Blair Waldorf would wear when she's a rebel LOL. 
Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Thrifted | Belt: SM Department Store
Can anybody tell me what's in the print of my shirt, Is it a DOG or a HORSE? I have been very curious about it and I can't seem to decide what it is LOL.
Skull and Cross Bracelets: Divisoria
Shoes: Thrifted

I am very upset about the fact that I can post here as much as I want to because of my schedule. It's just really been so hard regarding schoolwork since I have to step up my game and I can't do that If my time is going to be divided so I hope you'd understand. 

Anyway, to make it up to you, I do make videos more because it's easier to make it and I thought I'd share some here:) 
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Be yourself!


  1. Such a cute top!!!! You I can't quite decide kind of looks like a Great Dane and really they're almost horses anyway!

  2. I love the super fashown outfit, gurrrl! ♥
    And as for the print - im as boggled as you dear! CUTE print though!


    1. Thank you :)) It's been awhile since I received a comment , this means alot.

  3. I am obsessed with you. So happy i stumbled across your blog. You are precious. So cute! I am following!
    If you could give me your thoughts on my latest post that would rock!

    1. Aww :) Thank you so much! I would love to check your blog out:)

  4. outstanding! you look wonderful hun!

  5. your sense of style is so good.

  6. i think the prints are horses... ayway you look really adorable. I'm loving your blue shorts... in fact im crazy about anything cobalt blue these days.. big trend!
    My mom took me to Baclaran once when we went to Manila and I totally agree there's a lot to see and everythin's pretty cheap! Had to get myxself a few something.
    anyway, you have a nice blog =)

    xo, Carla

  7. just found and subbed to your yt channel and blog! i'd love it if u checked out mine :) x