Friday, November 8, 2013

Casual Elegance

Every semestral break my Mom always asks me to look out for my little brother which means, I need to go with him at his school which was also my alma mater. Even though whenever I go there I have to walk through some judging eyes, I like visiting my old school, I like the place's familiarity. 

I am a Montessorian at heart so when I went there I still followed the dress code of the school which is very simple, no shorts and no slippers. 

I wanted to wear something casual yet classy, something that is effortless yet elegant. So I just threw on a basic white top with my favorite black jeans ( which got destroyed by the way), added an elegant necklace and I'm good to go. 

Top: SM Department Store | Shoes: SupraFame | Bag: Coach | Necklace: Claires 

I think i want to lean more to this type of oufits. It's very simple but you can hear what it want's to say very clearly. 

Have a nice day.
Be yourself!

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