Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everything Lady-like

Atlast! My first ever outfit post is on its way(Squeeeeee! Okay, I need to collect myself). I'm so excited to share to you guys what I wore on a wedding last saturday.  I am the maid of honor and took advantage of the fact that I wore make up and a fixed hair (But when i took the shots my make up is kind of washed out and my hair is not that visually pretty anymore). Enough with my ramblings and onto my outfit.

I'm not really A dress person, but I'm trying to love them because they look so pretty. And now that I'm starting to love them I wore one to a wedding. But this is one, is not just any ordinary dress.  

The features of this dress are to die for. It has this opening at the back that makes it a 100% more adorable. The print is just amazing. And one more thing, I'm obsessed with its silhouette. This dress can't get any better.

Dress: Thrift Store Collar necklace: Girl Shoppe

Satchel: Thrift Store   Ring: JellyBean

For Accessories I went with a satchel bag. I fell in love with this bag, because I like the writing in it which says "Le Bag", and weirdly I don't know why. The ring just adds with the lady-like theme of the outfit.

Shoes: Parisian

 The cheesy walk away pose(kuha ba?).

I really don't know why I'm holding a balloon. Trying to have some tumblery shots I guess, haha. 

My first OP ends here. And when I upload the 2nd one I think it will be on Manila. Because I'm going to COLLEGE! Woot! Woot!

Credits to Paul John Ngohayon (My Bro)  for the photos!

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