Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to: Mix Prints

Now adays, it is hard to come up with an outfit that can make a big statement. Now that everybody is into fashion, it requires something more to stand out. You need to take some risks. You need to get out of your comfort zone and maybe break some fashion rules. One of the fashion rules that my mom have been stressing to me since I was a child is never mix two prints together. But now that the fashion world has evolved you can definitely mix not two, not three but even four prints together. 
Here are the basic ideas on how to mix prints so it won't show harsh transitions of the prints.

1. Floral and Polka Dots
( The same colors )

2. Two Florals
( Different sizes and concentration )

3. Stripes and Polka Dots
( Subtle mix of prints)

These are just some of my ideas on how you can mix prints. The truth is, there is no rule in fashion, if you think it's right, then just go with it.

P.S. Please include our fellow Filipinos in your prayer. 

Be Strong❤


  1. Im so scared to clash prints! haha! But you pull it off so well - love all the outfits you put together (:

    1. Thank You Maria. Honestly, I too am afraid to wear these but in the end it is how you wear the prints confidently. Even if the prints doesn't go well together, your confidence will make it seem like it is a well print mixing :)