Monday, August 6, 2012


Last Sunday, my brother and I went to church. And I thought I would share what I wore. It was a gloomy day and I'm afraid it would rain. And I hate it when mud splashes at my calves. And so a great idea came to my mind, and that is to use tights/hosiery. And voila! no more muds, foreverrrrrr! 
Anyway, on to my outfit. There are two reasons why I dress up. First is to express myself (And honestly, to look good) , and second is to see what are the reactions of the people when they see something new, something different. Will they give you the stink eye? Or will they smile? I got some  fair amount of stink eyes that day, but I did not see a smile at all,  Haha. 

Top: Thrifted | Necklace: Divisoria

Bag: Thrifted | Bracelet: Thrifted

Oxfords: SM Department Store

 Flooded streets and a rainy sky are the only things I could see right now. I don't know If I'm terrified about the fact that I could not see any land, or glad because the classes are suspended( atin, atin lang to ah, pero hindi pa ako nakatreview para sa mga quiz eh LOL ). 

Have a great day!
Be yourself❤


  1. that's a lovely lace top ^_^ nice outfit!

  2. Such a beautiful classic and timeless outfit!! Love it <3


    1. Thank you :)
      It is just refreshing to wear a classy outfit than just trendy ones.
      I;'m glad you love it.

  3. lovely oxfords :3 one kind i dont have! black! hahah cute look xx

    1. Hey thanks! Will you mind to follow back?

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Romy :) Do you want for us to follow each other?