Monday, August 20, 2012

Pretty Little Navy

Last Monday me and my high school friends went out and had a little "reunion". We had lunch at Mcdo, the place where we always have lunch back when we were in high school. We did a lot of catching up and just enjoyed the moment of togetherness. We visited our alma mater and reminisced all the memories that we built in that place. Anyway, before I get teary eyed writing all these, I'll now talk about my outfit. 

I know we went out at lunch but my photos are all night shots. The reason behind this is that, my brother has always been the one who take my photos. But since he also went out that day to meet his friends I am left without any photographer. My thoughtful mom volunteered to take my photos but it ended up not that great. But thanks Mom for trying. 

Moving on. I wore the color navy blue from head to knees LOL. I was so lazy to come  up with a more  colorful outfit that I just went with a monochromatic look. And I think I pretty much achieved what I had in mind, PREPPY! 

Top: Divisoria | Skirt: Thrifted


Shoes: PRP

Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Wrap Bracelet: Papemelroti

L-R Diane, Con, Pauline, Mitzy, Leane, Jastine, Me, Wang, Glydelyne, Thea, Pia
My beautiful friends. They look great, don't they? Pia's pants are so adorable and everyone else just looks  awesome! I really missed this guys and I never stopped smiling while I'm with them(A little bit creepy?).

Vacation is over  I am now going back to Manila tonight and I will miss the province, really. Anyway, it is nice seeing all these people and it made my vacation more meaningful. 

By the way, our preliminary exams will be next week. That means, there will be no more blogging for me in the next few weeks. I'll try to post somethings but I can't promise you an outfit post. Just a little hiatus, I'll be back :)

How's your vacation?
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  1. Nice photos!

  2. Cute outfit. Love natural light in the photos too.

    1. Thanks Chyrel!
      We actually used the flash Of the camera and i'm glad it turned out just fine ;)

  3. I think your bag is really nice :)

    1. Thank you Hollie =)
      I got that bag for awhile now, and I really enjoyed it's service for about 3 years now.

  4. Wow!! So stylish and chic! Following you now! Hope you follow back! :)