Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bloggers United 4

ACK! It's time to share my first Bloggers United experience. 
This is very exciting for me since I have been waiting for that time to finally see my favorite filipino fashion bloggers and I'm so happy I finally met them in personal. I think I have been good this year that's why Santa gave me an early christmas gift :)

Let me just describe my feelings that day. So it was a Saturday and annoyingly, we have a class from 11am-3pm so I have to wait anxiously the whole period not even listening to a word my professor is saying, that's how excited I am. 

As soon as we were dismissed(My prof bare with me and dismissed us early), I squeaked and literally were so anxious to get home. We went to the World Trade Center as fast as we can. There's like this little aisle that we have to walk through to get to the Bloggers United area and I was shaking the whole time. I began to see familiar faces and I was like smiling and just wanted to pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming LOL. We decided to spend a good half hour just to take picture with all the bloggers and collect ourselves from the shock that day brought. Anyway too much excitement here, I think I just have to let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Camille Co of Camille tries to Blog
Camille was actually late from work but then as soon as she arrived, she began to entertain all of her fans and took pictures and interacted with them. She was so sweet and very down to earth. Seeing her is definitely the perfect way to end the year 2012.

Laureen uy of Break My Style

Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought

David Guison

Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

I just have to take a picture with them together. They are so cute !

Patricia Prieto of Paradigma

I really like Patricia's style(Wow close! Kung maka-first name basis naman! LOL). We don't share the same style but I think she is the only blogger that has a really defined style and I adore her for that.  

Vern and Verniece Enciso of Verniece Enciso and A Shoetale

Ashley Dy of Candy Kawaii Lover

Ashley was actually a Japan-based fashion blogger and I'm not very sure but I think at every Bloggers United there is at least one foreign blogger to join the event. 

Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms

Miss Kookie definitely has the best collection of statement shoes :) I actually bought my only purchase from her. 

Dani Baretto of Style is Eternal

Bjorn Bedayo

I love that our outfits look so cohesive :) He is a very talented blogger and I love his very preppy style. 

Tracy Ayson 

Nicole Santos

Alyssa Lapid

And look who's there to shop! Jeron Teng, a player from the other side LOL

Can you guess which of these two shoes I ended up buying? 

And that's my BU4 experience. At the end it's not about the idea of shopping clothes from bloggers but seeing them in their human form. Wow, that came out wrong. What I'm trying to say is, when I look at their blogs and read their entries I have the feeling that I can't reach them but after this day, I now knew that they are normal people who just loves doing what they do.

P.S. More on my outfit in my next post!
Be yourself❤