Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Tapia

Here's another outfit post from last year. Wow! That sounded like it's been so long LOL.
This is what I wore to our block's christmas party and it was last December 21, the same as the day of Paskuhan. 

Let me just tell you a story why I chose this title. So I was preparing for the party not really having an inspiration for my outfit and I just grabbed these pieces and hope they'd go together. I put my hair on a bun because my brother thought it would go with my outfit and I eventually  went to school. And as I entered the room where the party will be held, a few of my block mates were like Miss Tapia! And I thought it was funny because my outfit kind of resembles a teacher uniform *laugh. If you don't know who Miss Tapia is, you can google it because honestly I don't know much about her also. 

Loafers: Supra Fame
 Blazer: BU4( Bestie Konisis) | Dress: Thrifted | Bag: Thrifted

I really like how simple this outfit is, because there are just those days where my laziness get to me and that affects on how I dress. But outfits like this are so convenient. It did not take much of my time and energy since it only composes of two clothing pieces and sometimes minimalistic dressing can be a real statement( I probably mentioned this for the millionth time lol ). 

Now I can see where the teacher thing is coming from but I hope I portrayed that in a good way.  No offense to all the teacher's out there :)

This outfit also shows why I love blazers so much. They do not only cover my man-like arms but they also can really amp up an outfit. What do you think? 

So I decided to post once every other day. In that way I can be a consistent blogger and at the same I can do school stuffs in between days. And I hope that schedule will work if not I can always make a new one :) 

That's about it! As usual I have a ton of things to do. And I just can't seem to start doing them without blogging first. Is that a bad thing? Oh well, that's me! 
I'll end this post by saying, laziness is really the enemy of students like me (Or is it just me? tsk tsk).

Be Yourself 


  1. Your glasses are just amazing! Love the outfit!

    1. Thanks! I found it for a very affordable price.