Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walking Iceream

At last, I got rid of all my backlog posts for the year 2012. So, may I present to you my first ever outfit for 2013. Wohooo!

When my family and I arrived here in Manila from the province, we decided to dedicate a whole day to enjoy the presence of each other becasue once again classes will start and my family needs to go back to the province and obviously we are going to be left behind:(  So what's the best way to relax and bond? Of course, without a  doubt, go to the mall! As Robin Scherbatsky once sang, "let's go to the mall" LOL (If you're not a HIMYM viewer you probably won't understand what I'm talking about,so go watch it now JK). 

For my outfit I went overdrive with pastels. I went so crazy that I can now be addressed as the WALKING ICECREAM LOL. As you can see there are two colors that I mainly used, pastel pink and mint green and I'm super happy with the result because personally, I think the two colors look perfect together. 

I want to bring out the color of my undershirt so I went on and used a lot of greens for my accessories and to balance the outfit I topped it of with my glittery flats which look like a pastel pink so it works.

You may not notice, but this is not the first time that have blogged about my top, it's first appearance is in this post. I love that it kinda has a little peplum effect on the bottom part of it which makes the outfit more adorable.

Necklace: Divisoria
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Coach 
Top: Thrifted | Undershirt: Thrifted | Trousers: Forever 21 | Blazer: Forever21
Today is a great day. The sun is out and I just don't feel like doing anything so I'll just probably enjoy browsing all the social media sites and eating whatever we have in here LOL. I hope you also have  nice day :)

One more thing. It's the 1st year anniversary of my Youtube Channel(TheThriftyHannako) and I'm planning to do a Q&A video later. So, if you have some questions you an put it in the comments below or tweet me @hannakongohayon and I'll surely answer it in the video which I'll also post here once it's up.

Be yourself❤


  1. What a grate start to 2013! You look just lovely!