Friday, January 18, 2013

The Flash in Disguise

 Prelim exams were wrapped up and I finally got to blog(Woot!woot!). Doesn't it feel like it's been a really long time since I last posted here? Well, it's actually just a week but still, I missed blogging and just talking and sharing my outfits to you in general.

This post is going to be all about debuts, which is helpful mostly to those who belong to the same age bracket as mine. But it can also be helpful for my more mature readers out there. 

Tip No.1 Always dress up according to the dress code. If the dress code is not indicated, it is better for you to ask the debutant personally. This little piece of information will guide you in creating you outfit for the occasion. It helps avoid overdressing/underdressing and can also help and guide you color-wise.

Tip No. 2 One of the fashion no-no's for girls is having to share the exact same dress/ensemble in an occasion. Doesn't this scenario suck? Well at least it is for me, because standing out and making a statement is very crucial for me. It is just so frustrating to have prepared for a substantial amount of time thinking of what to wear to a debut and when you finally decided on a very pretty dress there is atleast one person that wears the exact thing that you have on. To steer away from this dilemma, find pieces that have really interesting cuts and details to come up with the perfect stand out ensemble. Another way is to go completely the opposite of my first advice. Go for minimalistic or classic cuts and silhouttes and you can stand out just the same. But despite of everything I said, the first thing to consider is not to outshine the debutant. Yes I know, let's say you really want to make a statement but it's her night and she should be the only 'queen of the night'. Let us just give her this one night shall we? We can have all teh other nights for ourselves after this LOL.  I know it's really hard to stand out but at the same time toned down, but I'm sure that if you see the dress/ensemble the first time, you'll know that it's the one(whoa! parang sa totoong buhay lang ah).
I only have two tips for now, and let's hope for more in the future :)

Let's move on to what I wore to the first debut I ever attended.  

Evidently, the theme for the night are neon and bright colors. And knowing my style, I'm never really the kind of girl who likes really bright colors. I always stick to my basic colors and neutrals pretty much conquer my closet. Nevertheless, it is really nice to have these occassions as an excuse to dress up away from my comfort zone. Plus I really have been waiting for an event to wear this dress out. Isn't it the perfect dress for this occasion? 

What I love about this dress is the cut of it. When we hear of asymmetrical dresses,  we always think about high-low/mullet dresses. Well, I introduce you to another asymmetrical dress. 
This ensemble is also the perfect balance of standing out but still gives a room for the debutante to shine. So.... 
Goes by the dress code? CHECK!
Appropriate for the occasion? CHECK! 

Necklace: SM Department Store
Bracelets: All from Divisoria
Dress: Thrift Store | Boots: BU4(Ms. Kookie Buhain) | Leather jacket: Thrift store | Clutch: SM Department store
So far, this is just my first debut to become a part of and I know this year is going to be packed with a lot of debut celebrations which means I really am getting old LOL. Anyway, I guess I better start collecting pretty dresses huh? 

P.S. I am just curious on your opinion of debuts. Would you want to have one for yourself? If yes, what is your dream debut celebration? 

What do you think of my outfit?
Be yourself❤

P.P.S Besides my blog, one more way of expressing my love for fashion is through making fashion youtube videos.Here's a video that I have been working on these past few days :)
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