Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paskuhan 2012

Hooray for my first outfit post this year, 2013. But then let's reminisce for awhile the things that happened last 2012. One of the highlight of last year is the infamous Paskuhan of UST. And of course as a freshman I just can't miss such a very big event for my university. Plus, I also want to witnesss the fireworks display that everybpdy is taking about. All in all I'm glad I went because it was such a fun experience and I'm already excited for this year's Paskuhan :)

The event lasted until midnight and we stayed until the end. My brother and I, being a committed look bookers that we are, managed to take our outfit shots. And I thought that the messy grandstand is a great backdrop LOL. What do you think? 

Shorts: Thrifted 

As usual I was having a hard time picking an outfit, appropriate for this event. But, I always wanted to dress like I'm going to a music festival. And considering paskuhan consists of a mini concert I thought why not? So Basically, this outfit is something I would wear at a music festival or something similar to that. 

Cross and skull bracelet: Divisoria

Top: Thrifted | Hat: Gelibean Couture | Flats: Suprafame | Belt: SM Kids Accessories
This outfit is again a great example of showing that basic pieces can also make a statement. With the right pairing and accessories it can stand out from a pool of trendy outfits. Another thing is, I'm really diggin' the combination of black and red. My brother sees it as a very dark combination but for me it screams sophistication. 

That's it! 2012 had been a good year and I hope 2013 can top it :) 
I have high hopes for my blog and youtube channel. I've been really committed in these two and I want to thank all of my readers, viewers and subscribers for supporting my passion. I wish you'll still stick with me for 2013.

Also, if you're interested I did my first ever Christmas Haul and just feel free to watch. And If you've got time you may also check out my channel and subscribe if you want to :))) 

Be yourself!