Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nautical Again!

Hello everybody! Your lousy blogger on duty, and yep I'm referring to myself. Besides from being an inconsistent blogger well I just think I don't talk to you enough anymore. But here I am again with a post in a random date and I just want to thank you all :D 

Last week my family and I went to Hongkong for a vacation. And I took that chance to take some outfits shots since my brother is there to take it. *Sigh this blog will never be alive without my bro. Anyway, I am thankful for him every single time he takes my outfits shots. Speaking of outfits, here what I wore to our first day in Hongkong, our first stop OCEAN PARK BABY! 

A little tip when you go to any amusement part, do not wear anything that might expose you "hooha". And that's a lesson I learned when I'm in the line of "The Flash" looking at a very uncomfrotable lady that is about to be turned upside down by "The Flash" in a mini flouncy skirt. Well I'm glad my mom had told me to pack some shorts instead of skirts I can even hear her voice right now echoing indide of my head saying " I told you so". Moms, why are they always right? 

Since I don't have a large collection of shorts I'm always glad to have a pair of basic shorts that I can wear a bajillion times. I was feeling nautical that day so I went all out nautical, againnnn! I can't stop myself from pairing these three colors together, they just look so freaking good together and a striped top just put the outfit all together. 

For the accessories, I feel another tip coming guys. I say always settle for minimal accessories, unless you want to loose every single jewelry you have riding all those amusement rides all day. For me I just went with my dainty cross bracelet, a pearl bracelet and to add a nautical vibe I added a brown beaded bracelet which always reminds me of something nautical, I just can't seem to recall it. 

What item can be more nautical than an anchor, right? *wink 

And yes we did it on purpose taking photos with a perfectly equal nautical background, with all the ropes and stuff haha.

It's a fun day and a lot of memories to treasure. And I can't wait to show you all the pictures we took. For now, I wish you all a wonderful day.

Be yourself

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