Friday, November 30, 2012

An American for a day!

I was supposed to portray Katy Perry for a parade we'll do to open our pharma week, but looking at my wardrobe I don't have anything that resembles the style of Katy. So I tried to analyze Katy's style, I searched the web on what she usually wears and I concluded that she likes having fun with her outfits and loves to wear bright colors. And since our supposed color scheme is red, white and blue I think I can come up with something that can pass through as Katy Perry-ish. 
This photo is so not me, eeeek! So daring! But I like it nonetheless.

Since I was broke that time and already given up searching divisoria for a clothing piece to use for my Katy Perry get up, I just did what any practical girl would do. Be imaginative! For the reason that I am already using colors all I need to do is have fun with my outfit. I incorporated all my favorite items and so I'm ready to make a firework! Get it? LOL

To add charcter and quirkiness to the outfit, I gave my bowler hat a spin.

Bowler Hat: Gelibean Couture

IMG_1802 IMG_1684

As for my shoes, I decided to wear some crazy high heels. The problem is I don't have any, ironic right? But luckily I have a friend who is all about heels. She has a great collection of rad heels and I thought why not borrow, it's not like it's a crime is it? And because she's such a good friend(?)LOL, no she really is,  she lend me this pretty amazing mary janes. So Thank you Pia! You know her, I mentioned her here in my blog for a million times already. 

After the parade my feet began to hurt and the heels are literally killing me.  So i'm glad I bought these flats with me. You know me I'm never really the high heels kind of girl. And comment if you're not too, so we can conquer the world of fashion with flats *evil laugh*. 


 I decided not to go with my usual poses since my blockmates are noticing that I do the same poses in all of my photos. They even mock me sometimes, mimicking my poses  there's one with me touching my hair, me with my tippy toes and me looking down. So to shaken things up I tried something new. 
What do you think from the scale of 1 to 10? 


So that concludes this post. I'm sorry for the not so high quality photos. We're still trying to figure out what settings to use everytime we do outfit shots. Can you recommend some great camera setting? 

Anyway, this is probably one of my favorite paring and probably the boldest! 
Be yourself

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