Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Treasures: Papemelroti

Remember how I told you in my previous post that one of my girlfriends asked me to go out? Well, we went to the mall and basically just shopped in a single store. We roamed the mall,  floor after floor but we didn't really saw things that is worth buying. And that is until we saw Papemelroti. It is a store that sells products made out of paper, and they also have accessories and other things which I believe is eco-friendly. This store is perfect because one of my resolutions for my birthday is to help the environment by not using any plastic bags. Maybe I can even say it is one of my favorite stores to buy accessories and room decorations. 
I adore their paper bag ( I know I'm weird ). It does not only helps save the environment, but it is also so cute.

I bought this box which has some of  the things you see in London. The double deck bus, the famous buildings and there is also a group of guys with their tall hats, if you know what I mean.

This memo pad was just a fun buy. I don't know maybe because i find it classy and vintage, haha.

I bought two accessories which are two bracelets and I think they are great for stacking or just by themselves. Its awesome how they are so delicate-looking.

I have been finding the perfect jewelry holder for ages, and I think I just found it. Isn't this just simply amazing? I was deciding whether to get the "Peace", "Dream" or "Faith" and this just really caught my eye that's why I got it. But I think I'm going to come back and get the "Dream" and "Inspire" too. What do you think?

This was actually a DIY project. I saw this string of .....I don't know, whatever that is and I said hey, this can total become a bracelet. And the finished product is pretty  much a success.

Well this day was a pretty great daw, Why? Because it's Friday!!! Another end a not-so-memorable week. How's your week? 
Oh, and definitely check out Papemelroti.(This is not a sponsored post, I just geniunely  love that store so much)

Photos by Paul Ngohayon 

Be yourself.

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