Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"The Day"

My birthday entry is here! 
"The Day" started pretty good and I'm feeling pretty good. Im 16 guys, and what is the first thing to do when you're 16? Well, what I did is I stood up and said "I'm 16" haha.  We are planning to spend the rest of the day in the mall, have some lunch and watch "The Dark Night Rises" after. You know,  just a relaxed birthday celebration.
So we arrived just in time for lunch and we ate at Kimono Ken. Our family have always been a fan of Japanese food so it is great to eat there on my birthday :) 

Here's my very pretty mom. According to her, it is also the birthday of the mothers, so happy birthday too Mom (belated)!

This is me drinking a tea. I don't usually like the tea they serve, or any hot tea in particular but surprisingly I liked it on my birthday!

 Here is what I always order, a California Maki Roll. I can't get enough of these, and I could totally live eating only these. I could use some of these right now, Yum! (Comment if you like Japanese food too)

And here's more of what we ordered. They ate some pretty delicious dishes too.

On to my outfit ❤
I want to feel like a princess that day, so I went on and wore a dress. This dress actually has a surprise at the back. I just don't have the guts to wear it like that (If you want to see the exact dress click here ). The solution, is to wear a blazer. They are just so sophisticated-looking and it is also a good way to hide my "manly shoulders". You probably think I'm totally crazy posing in a parking lot, Am I?  LOL

Necklace: Greenhills 
The dress goes pretty low in the bust area so I decided to wear a necklace because I don't want to be fixing my dress all the time making sure that I'm not flashing anyone. Plus, the necklace looks good with this outfit, don't you think?

Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Wrap bracelet: Papemelroti

Glitter Shoes: People are People

I want to feel light and heavenly so I decide to use light colors and I love how it turned out. I am slowly finding out what my style is, I guess.  

Dress: Thrifted | Blazer: Thrifted | Bag: Thrifted

My birthday did not go as I have planned it in my mind, hence it is the not the "Best Birthday Everrrrrr" but at least I got to spend it with my family. You know birthdays are not always about having the best day or having the greatest gift. It is how'd you spend the day and whom you spend the day with. 
I made 16 birthday resolutions and one of them is to live my life to the fullest.  And seriously, I want to do something big, something revolutionary. What it is? I haven't figured that out yet. 

P.S. Thank you for all of the people who greeted me on my birthday. My friends, relatives, and to the people who took time to type "Happy Birthday" even if they do not know me, Thank you so much

What do you think of my birthday outfit? 
Be Yourself ❤


  1. Birthdays is? Seriously?

    1. Oh, I get it now:) Sorry, it is just a simple mistake.

  2. hey! happy birthday, hope it was an ahhh-mazing one <3 i appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, i love your outfits as well so i followed you back! ^_^ i love all things pink, so of course i'm loving the dress, and especially the collar necklace, i've always wanted one of those. and i know what you mean, wanting to do something with your life, something crazy life changing! though the hardest part is figuring out what it is >.< i wish you the best of luck!

    love from california,

    1. Thank you. I know right, when you're becoming older, you want to do something new :) I'm glad we found each other.

  3. happy birthday! yes it is nice to spend it with those that are closest to you :D


    1. I just saw you blog and I suggest we follow each other.

  4. Oh, wow this post is relatively new~ How do you feel as 16 yrs old? Prob. not any different, lol.
    The food looks delicious, even though I'm not a huge fan of sushi, ;P ;) And wow, I love the "romantic" feel of the outfit. The blazer does add a nice classy touch, and the dress is just adorable. At first I thought the necklace was part of the dress, but it goes really well with the dress, like you said! XD

    - Nancy

    1. Thanks :) I'm so glad there's someone who understand what I'm talking about.
      On the thing about being 16,yeah, nothing really changed LOL.

  5. lovely outfit, I like the colors.

    1. Thanks Luna, Do you want to follow each other?