Monday, July 23, 2012

Frenching Up

Two outfit posts in a row, good job Hannako! (pat in the back) This day was a lot of things it is boring, tiring, exciting, and boring again.  You want to know why? Earlier this morning I found out that we have no classes. And as usual I did nothing, well i washed my clothes and that is it. After that comes the tiring part of my day, were I cleaned our room. At about 1 PM one of my bestfriends  asked me if I want to go out, and I said yes. And this is were the exciting part started. I went home and goes back the boring train. 
Outfit-wise I built it with classic pieces and is inspired by French fashion. You know, the outfits you see people wearing when they are riding a bike in Paris or at least that's what I have observed. Maybe the scene would be clearer if I am wearing a beret. 
Here's the thing, I kind of consider a lot of factors when I build my outfit. And my mind receives a lot of questions which kind of  looks like this. Is it going to rain? Is it too revealing walking in street with a lot of pervert bystanders( i'm not judging just saying )? Is it appropriate for the temperature? Do the colors coordinate with each other? And there's a lot more based on the occasion. So before I could decide on an outfit there's always a riot taking place on my mind, well not only in my mind but also in our room. If you could just see our room after I have decided on an outfit. It's like a tornado had passed and after the tornado came a hurricane. Yeah, you should not see, it is not pretty.
Well that's a lot of rambling and I better let you see the outfit now.

I also just recently purchased this top together with the blazer I wore in my last entry. I don't know I just want to feel comfortable this day and I arrived with this top. 

Top: Forever 21 | Bag: Thrifted

To add a little texture to the outfit I added this long deer necklace, isn't it adorable? And concerning my choice of purse, since I thought french outfits( When I say French outfits , I mean the outfits I usually see them wearing, just to be clear) is mostly composed of the colors, red white and navy blue  I chose this bag.

Trousers: Forever 21 | Necklace: Random store

 Loafers: Rusty Lopez
And since I always see the French wear flats, I used my brown loafers which I totally worship. It never brings me down and will never be.

 Watch: Coach | Bracelet: DIY(Papemelroti)

My birthday is fast approaching and I just want it and hoping it to be legen ( wait for it) 
dary(Yes, I just used  How I Met Your Mother as a reference. Is there anybody out there who watches it too, well up top! )
My entry ends here, and I hope I didn't bore you to death. I'm just trying this new thing were I express what I want to say whenever I want ( Well, it still depend on the situation). 
The countdown continues and I have 6 more days to go before my birthday (Honestly is it annoying, how I count the days before my birthday?). There it is again, ramble, ramble, ramble. I' going to stop now.

What do you think of my outfit?
Be yourself❤

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