Saturday, July 28, 2012

Odd one Out

I planned my outfit for the event I talked about in my last post considering one factor. Since it is a fashion show a lot of people would be wearing trendy clothes and the challenge is to wear something that will stand out from all those trends.And what is the only thing that beats trends? CLASSIC Style. And to make the outfit stand out more I added a little somethin' something' .

As I was building this outfit, I'm thinking of something cute  and sweet but at the same time it should also be channeling power.  So the colors of my outfit did the sweet part and my blazer definitely outdone it's role of showing the "Powerful Woman" in me.

Brooch: Papemelroti | Top: American Eagle

Cross Bracelet: Festival | Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted | Blush wrap around Bracelet: Papemelroti 

Blazer: (Zara) Thrifted
I was having a hard time picking a necklace that goes perfectly with this ensemble, but its seems like a necklace would destroy the neckline of my top, so I used a broach instead. And since I used the color brown in my bag and shoes, I thought i'd tie my outfit with a braided belt. 

Shoes: Rustly Lopez
I definitely need to go get a pair of brown shoes. These moccasins served me for about three years now, and so I need to give it a rest. 

This is me trying to achieve a good shot showing the flowiness of the skirt. It is pretty decent I think, considering my awkwardness when being photographed.

Yes, tomorrow is the day I was brought to this world( I'm having doubts calling it wonderful). And I'm happy my family is here to celebrate it with me. Look out for my Birthday post. 
What do you think about my outfit?❤?

Be yourself.

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