Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Friday Night

I attended the pharmacy freshmen welcome party "last friday night", and this party was also a fashion show and a contest for the search of the freshest faces of the Faculty of Pharmacy. As I walked through the doors of the venue, something strucked me. I felt something, something new, something unexplainable. Maybe the feeling of independence or something, or maybe.... it is just the loud music and all the loud screaming that makes my heart beats so fast. 

Front(L-R)Nina, Aimee, Jesse, Rona, Me | Back(L-R) Claudine, Gab, Kristel, Bella, Alecza

We had so much fun, and it is just feels right to go and just unwind from all the stress in school. And even if only few 1CPH came, it is still a heck of a night. 

I also managed to take photos of the outfits of some of my block mates/friends. I personally, love how these three stand out from the crowd. I adore all of their dresses.

On the other hand, the contrast of these two outfits is breathtaking. I love how one is so prim and proper and the other is so grungy and free spirited.

So that was the story of the night when we thought nothing but to have some fun. And it's  also the night of Rose Anne's Birthday. She  is my seat mate and friend. Happy Birthday Rose Anne. And the night before Bella's birthday. Happy Birthday Bella :)  And the night before the night before my birthday LOL. 
After the party we ate, the end. 

P.S. I almost got locked in UST but obviously I got out alive(Yehey!). BTW  more on my outfit in the next post.

Be yourself❤

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