Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4:4 { Everybody seems Happy }

I only have 4 days left before my birthday and I spent this day with my 4 friends. That is the meaning behind the first part of my title post, if you're wondering. We had our recollection this morning, and I feel se relaxed and happy. I looked around and I'm not the only one who is happy. And that would explain the second part of my title post.

 I will dedicate this whole post describing my stay in this whole other world called College. Ok where should I start. It's been like what, 6 weeks? 7weeks? And I'm starting to know the people I will be spending my four years in college with: my block mates, my teachers, and  my friends. Difficulty - wise you know we have high moments like there's a lot of class suspensions that's going on these past few weeks and we also  have down moments like  Botany, Botany and am... Botany haha.

I also have been enjoying the company of these four crazy people (Crazy in a good way). We are five different people but our personalities kind of compliment each other, I'm getting deep in here.
 You might have observed that there is only three of them in the photo well,  my 4th friend Anne is around here somewhere. 

Oh wait, there she is. 

 Here are my other block mates. They're pretty amazing. Honestly, I'm not expecting these kind of great people before I went to college. I'm kind of expecting mean and snobby people you know, the ones you see in movies. 

R-L Karlyn, Anne, Alecza, Bella

Funny story, do you know what is our everyday dilemma during lunch time? Well, there are two of them. The first one is where will we eat, and the second one is the where will we stay. If we get lucky and there's an empty table we could cancel out the where will we stay problem. Maybe that's the exciting part about college. You get to try new things everyday. You'll never know where you'll end up sitting for lunch. There's a variety of choices of viand for lunch. And through these small new things we slowly enjoy doing these things.

Well that's kind of refreshing, talking about things rather than just fashion. Tuned in for more non-fashion posts.

Adventure awaits in college.
Be yourself  ❤