Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Modern Boho Chic

An outfit post, finally! I have been waiting for an event to come up so I can dress up( I know, is it weird? ) so I got super excited when I heard there will be a party/concert after our thomasian freshmen/freshwomen walk and so I thought, why not dress up. I know, it's a concert I'm attending and a short and shirt combo would be the most appropriate pairing to wear, but yeah, that's not how I roll LOL. 

Anyway, the highlight of my outfit is this asymmetrical dress that I had thrifted a while back. And I am planning to wear it at a fashion event, but I couldn't wait for that event so I decided to wear it last Monday night. It is different from all the mullet skirt out there and I thought I'd try sometime different, you know getting out of my box. 


 Since I never really get out of the house without covering my arms which is as big as Mr. Clean's ( if you know what I mean )  I tried to cover them with a cardigan. And that's when the whole boho chic thing came to mind. From that,   I built my outfit and instead of wearing heels I opt to wear a plain sandals that has an accent the same as the color of my purse and cardi.

And that's the night I didn't wear anything cutesy patootsy, you know the usual peter pan-collar and skirt  combo I always tend to go for. Well, It's definitely a first and I think I'll experiment more on my style. 

What do you think of my outfit?


Before I wrap this post up, I just want to take this opportunity to greet one of my bestfriends, my classmate, my ate, my nanay, my one only (well, actually they're two)  KAI a Happy 17th Birthday ( And yes  Kai, I'm trying to stress out that you're old *Evil Laugh*). I love you and I'm glad you're a part of my big adventure  :* 

Be yourself❤


  1. Very nice Pretty Hannako! Love your outfit! Keep it up annako- I am your no. 1 fan... Love u much!!

    Tita T

  2. Boho Chic :) HANNNNNNNNNN! hahahaha!

  3. your outfit looks amazing, sweetie :)