Monday, September 3, 2012

3rd Wave of Style { Fl✿werchild }

Peter Pan-Collared top

Another peter pan-collared top, i know! I have been obsessing with peter pan-collared tops lately and I would wear them whenever I got the chance. they are just so adorable and gives a statement in just a snap. 

In addition to the statement given by the collar, the color red adds a little somethin' somethin'. I followed the girly side inside of me and used florals. 

Just a little trivia to everyone about y title post. Basically, my name is a combination of japanese words that mean "Flowerchild". Hannako means "Flower" and ko means "daughter". BTW, I love my name :) 

Anyway, back to the outfit. Accessory-wise, I went on and grabbed everything that pretty much has connection to flowers and has red in it. If you have observed I didn't show you the shoes I would be pairing with this ensembles that is because I want you to pick what shoes will you be pairing this outfit with. you know to make my post a little more interactive. Just comment you suggestion below. 

Thrifitng Tip: Wear something comfortable when thrifting so you won't be annoyed and irritated with what you're wearing and end up going home empty-handed. 

What do you think?
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