Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Final Wave of Style { Layers }

My aunts/uncles moved to other countries when I was a kid until now, and since then, I have been longing for them and the feeling of having cousins. I mean I also have other cousins here, but the thing is we do not have the same age, and that seems to be a problem when we bond. I got jealous when my friends hang out with their cousins and so I thought I wish mine were here too. So when I found out that one of my cousins will visit the Philippines for one week, i got so excited. She is one of my closest cousin and I'm stoked she's here. I just want to share that :)   

 Layered dress

 The title reminds me of the time when "Plants vs. Zombies" is so mainstream. Good times. Anyway, this dress maybe familiar to you, that is maybe because I used this as a birthday dress, and showed it in this post.

This dress is great paired with ablazer or any jacket but it is as pretty if it's by itself. The layer give character to the dress which allows it to give an impact on it's own. I added the peterpan collar necklace and pearl bracelet for that elegance. 

Thrifting Tip: Never ever be afraid of trying to shop in thrift stores.

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