Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now A Certified Thomasian!

At last! I am now a certified Thomasian. We freshmen and freshwomen (not to be sexist) have been so anxious waiting for the Thomasian walk, for it has been cancelled not once, not twice but for three times. The walk itself didn't really have any impact on me, but the thought of being part of a new family hit me, in a good way. 
Traditionally, there is a party after the Thomasian walk so I took the chance to dress up and have fun. I went with my high school friends and college friends just thinking to have a good time. 

Here's an overview of what happened.
At first, there are only games so we just took pictures.  And honestly, it was boring in the beginning but as the night went on, I kind of enjoyed it.  

My highschool  friends 
L-R: Kim, Ysabel, Robel, Claudette, Bella

My college Frends
L-R: Bella, Jean, Karlyn, Anne

Here are some of the guests:

Mr. Alec Dungo, he is actually a pharmacy student and that thought really made me psyched. Maybe one day I'm going to see him walking in the hallway of the main building. 

And Callalily was there too, they are like the highlight of the event. There other bands who also performed, I just didn't know them so I didn't mind taking some pictures. 

On the other hand, I took my blogger persona and took some outfit shots of my friends. 
Claudette Dimzon,  my high school friend from CFAD. 

Pia Cayetano, one of my best friends from the College of Nursing.

The night was delightful, and in the end  my high school friends and I grabbed a dinner and it was nice.    
P.S. More on my outfit in my next post. 

Be yourself❤


  1. thanks lovely... following you now thru GFC and on Lookbook too.. keep in touch