Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Casual jeans day

Jeans! I actually wore jeans again, well, technically it's colored jeans and it is not actually the traditional jeans. But anyway, since I get the hang of wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses everyday, my jeans were left at my closet drawers sadly waiting for their turn to have a day out LOL. Another sad thing is,  jeans were now perceived as not that of a trendy piece anymore (Oh yeah, it's all about the trends now adays, unfortunately!) but the thing is,  a good pair of fitting jeans is a must have to any lady's closet (Oh I think I should do a closet must have post, huh? What do you think). With the right accessories and pieces, a humble casual jeans can now strive against those trendy pieces out there, and so here is my take on a casual jeans day. 

I wore this to a family day out two weeks ago. I was really excited to wear this top the moment my mom handed it to me. I guess it's the color and the material used. But then at the time I decided to wear it, I suddenly can't think of an outfit to incorporate it with. Because in reality it's really hard to think of an outfit especially if you want to wear all of them out. Unless you really  have a bunch of clothes that you could build your outfit from, in that case, that would be as easy as pie. But as I always say, you have to consider some things: activities for the day, weather, and personal style. In that way, you won't have a hard time thinking of an appropriate outfit. 

Color-wise I went for toned down hues. There aren't really bold colors since I like it simple and light. Though I wish I used more toned down colors, maybe pastels? It would have been better. 

Necklace: Greenhills

I told you, this is just the beginning of the appearance of these shoes
Shoes: Steve Madden
What do you think of this outfit? Will I keep wearing jeans? :)

Let's talk about another topic, shall we? 
Our Pharma week,  as the students from the Faculty of Pharmacy call it, is going to take place last week of November, and me as a freshman, is very excited about it. We'll have parades, pageant, and a bunch of different activities which I believe is super fun. A week away from schoolwork, just enjoying the essence of being a pharmacy student. Well, I should not get ahead myself. Because I always do this thing were I expect a lot from a thing, event, or person but ending up disappointed.I guess,  I'll just hope for the best and be excited when it's actually there in front of my flat face LOL. 
For now, i'll just focus more on productive things like maybe looking over my lessons? Or maybe I'll just do it later and continue procrastinating. Which sounds better? 
Ok fine, I'll now review before you all start hating on me :)

Ciao for now!
Be yourself❤    


  1. cute!!!
    love your dr.martends shoes,nice your hunter!
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  2. i love the outfit...specially that statement neck piece :)
    I am your newest follower <3

    Bong's Belleza

  3. Amazing outfit, especially the shoes :)
    I will definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

  4. Such a cute outfit! Lovely necklace and shoes :)
    Great close-up photo's as well, good quality!

    1. Thank you :) My brother took my photos so credits to him.

  5. I seriously love the shoes you got for this look! I so wanna grab it right now! hahaha