Friday, November 2, 2012

Floral is Eternal

Honestly, I am not really a very family-oriented person. Nor very close to my friends. Heck I don't think I have someone to call my best friend. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of friends, friends I really love. But, I still haven't shown the whole me to anyone. I still want to find a person I can be comfortable with, who I can be myself when with her/him.   For now, I enjoy being alone and be myself around myself.

 Well, last week me and my family hanged out. We just drove out of the city.  We ate, we shopped and enjoyed the presence of each other. That made me realized that being with family is a very important thing to a person. Whether you're family-oriented or not, you want to be a alone or not, family is family and it's good to know that no matter what there will always be someone to catch you and be there for you. 

Here's an outfit in a day with my family.
My love affair with high waisted shorts continue, it's like I can't wear any shorts unless it's high waisted. I just love how it sucks my belly, and at the same time flatters my body. Oh there's more, it is also appropriate for people living in the Philippines :)

I want to feel bright and vibrant that day, so I dressed according to how I feel. What's more vibrant that florals right? And pairing it with a bold and bright cobalt blue  is a total statement. I added the blazer at last minute to balance the shortness of my bottom half. 

Florals have always been my favorite print. You can do so much with it; wear it in your top, bottom, bag, shoes, or any kind it still gives that oomph an outfit needs. I guess that's why for me it can be lined up with other classic pieces because floral is eternal, and I love how that rhymes lol :) 

Blazer: Forever 21

Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Thrifted | Bag: Thrifted

Collar Necklace: Greenhills

The long break is coming to an end so spend your last few vacation days wisely because on the upcoming weeks you'll be spending it with books and paperworks, but if you're not a student like us, good for you :)

What do you think of my outfit?
Be yourself ❤


  1. Hi Hannako! I'm super happy to nominate your blog for The Liebster Blogger Award! An award created by a blogger that is given from one blogger to several bloggers they consider rising stars. So I really hope you accept my nomination. More information can be found here -

    Toni :)

    1. Hey thanks :)) Checking out the link now!

  2. yep, being alone and enjoying yourself is kind of fun.
    Love that most of the pieces in this outfit are thrifted but still look amazing :D