Thursday, November 29, 2012

My 'Ph'irst Pharma Week

And I'm back! I decided to wait after the pharma week ends before I start to blog again. So expect more posts about the recently celebrated pharma week!

The week started with a parade of different festivals there is ever known. My section got to portray the 4th of July which I'll admit is not bad. We have other choices like Coachella, Mardi Gras, etc. But we ended up being americans, USA!USA!USA!
We walked around the campus and did a performance at the end for all the authority to see. And me being a klutz, oh wait to fully understand the story let me first tell you something. So in the three minute performance we have to do, I was asked to be Katy Perry.  What I have to do is do her pose and lip sync one of her lines. And we're back on the story. So me being klutz in high heels walked faster than told and so there I was with a wobbling shoe almost fell down on my butt, which I think is less embarrassing! And that's the story of when I almost fell down in a large crowd. Very graceful hannako, very graceful LOL. 

Any way, let me just leave you with these photos for you to see what happened that day.
 An overview of our whole class.
IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1465 IMG_1471

And here are my four good friends :)
If you cannot recognize the lady in from it's LADY LIBERTY herself! 
IMG_1482 IMG_1504 IMG_1508
We got to ake a picture with wonder woman! Captain Ameirca is around here somewhere LOL

My feet hurts so bad so I have to remove this shoes for a little while. 
 It was fun being Americans for a day. What do you think of our portrayal? Is it believable?

P.S. Look forward for my outfit on my next post!
Be yourself❤

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