Sunday, October 28, 2012

That Sailor Moon Girl

An outfit I wore to chaperone my li'l brother to their family day event.  I was channeling my inner montessorian, and thought that if I were given the chance to reinvent the uniform of my alma mater, this outfit would be it, what do you think? Parang pang girl scout ata.

Obviously green was my school color but now, I'm proud to wear yellow, Goooooo tigers! Anyway, I want to use green as a part of my outfit and I am choosing to pair it between bright colors or darker hues. I decided to go dark since the weather that day is kind of gloomy and I made a good decision because it rained latter that day.

To break the black and green combo I added a touch another gem stone color to my outfit through my purse. I like the contrast between my emerald green top and my wine red purse. Personally, I like how this outfit turned out, it's classy, it's chic and it's girly. 

Top, Skirt, Bag, Bow: Thrifted | Shoes: People are People

Tomorrow would be my dad's birthday and I want to let everybody know how for me, he is the best dad in the world. My dad is my mentor and my teacher, and he inspires me so much. I look at him, and how he can lit up a room just by his wisdom, and I say to myself, I want to be like that when I grow up. He continuously amazes me by the things he  do and by the words he say. He is the perfect balance of a teacher, a friend, and being the best dad. 
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so much:) 

I also want to take this opportunity to greet you all a happy halloween, spooookkky!
Be yourself❤


  1. I love the outfit <3 it's so chic, although it would've been much better if you wore wedge pumps in the same color as the bag, just an opinion, you look amazing.

    1. Thanks, That's probably a good idea, but I'm not really a heels/wedge person, maybe I'll collect some first. Thank you anyway:)

  2. Lovely outfit, green goes so well with black.