Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Gaze at the Past

I mentioned a few times in my previous posts the incoming program/activities for the foundation month of my alma mater. Traditionally, a parade will took place to open a five or four day event. And as a sister that I am, I attended it to support my brother for he is a part of the drum and lyre team of the school. I was photographing every part of the day and it goes just the way I remembered it. And remember how I said someday I'm going to let go of my high school days? well, this day is not gonna be that day because I'm going to dedicate this post to it. Let's take a break from  the fashion world for awhile and come with me and lets take a gaze from my past (Who'd be interested in it right? well maybe through these you'll remember your past and might help you be cheered up from all your stress, or if not, Pagbiyan nalang ako LOL).

I made a list of the things I miss the most from my high school days and maybe you could do the same and share it with me in the comments, I would love to read all of it.

1. Programs and Activities
CAT officers on duty holding the banner of the school

One of the thing IJMS is known for are its programs held every month. There are different contests such as Mass demo in July as the Nutrition month, Math Jingle and interpretative dance in September as the Math and Science month, Foundation dance in October as the foundation month and the list goes on. 
These events contributed a lot in us. There are relationships formed and  friendships crumbled. Simple practicing creates bonding moments that can be treasured forever. I miss all these so much because in college, even if  there are also activities we could attend to, everything starts all over again and it is not the same as high school. 

The drum and lyre team getting ready for the parade.
I snap a photo of this because Faith was my section when I was a 1st year student, which is by the way my second name.

2. Organizations and Clubs
CAT officers of Infant Jesus Montessori School , S.Y. 2012-2013

I'm not bragging but, I'm in a lot of orgs and clubs back then and I learned a lot being in them. I learned how to lead( Atleast I think I do LOL), I learned to mingle and to work with people, and I also learned to commit to something and work hard to achieve a goal. I must say that experience really is the best teacher. 

CAT officers  falling in

3. My beloved teachers
Two advisers of the four year classes and a fourth year student

Who doesn't love their teacher, right? Well maybe some of you don't but I sure do. They helped me so much and contributed in who I am today. They are my friend, adviser, and guide. 

4. Relationships
No comment

Take the next thing that I'll say  positively :) Back then in high school, there are a lot of relationships; friendships, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, etc. In the  girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, I always have been the third wheel and it might be weird but I long for the scene when all the girlfriends and boyfriends meet at breaks and lunch breaks to be with each other LOL

5. Friends
Me and one of my best friends
(L-R Me, Pia, Mei, Glydelyne, Mitzy, Loren, Chel, Alyssa, Rizza)

Yes, I made some friends in college but the connection I have with my high school friends cannot be replaced so easily. We've been together in ups and downs, we have been through break ups but still, we stand as one( And drama lang haha).

Let me stop there for it's getting a little depressing LOL. But there is one thing that is not going to stop, it is me rambling about my alma matter and my past.

About my outfit, I decided to just be simple since I would be photographing a parade, hence it's going to be hot. But why is she wearing a blazer you might ask? Well, I want to protect my skin from the sun and still looking so chic( Oh, the things a blazer could do, that's why I adore them so much).

What's your list of the things you miss from your high school days? 
Be yourself❤


  1. I miss everything about my high school life :( petix life, break time moments, practice na di natatapos tapos, pagtakbo ng maabilis dahil nagpapafall in na si mam, paglaro ng bangsak, pagcut ng class (hindi ko na kasi nagagawa yun ngayon.haha) at marami pang iba. pag nilista ko kasi lahat eh baka hindi magkasya sa comment box.haha. it's nice and dramatic (LOL) to gaze at your past for once? twice? or a lot of times in your life.haha. pacomment KAI ah :)

    1. Haha, I know. Uwi ka na kasi kai:) Lets do all of the things you said again. haha.