Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black and white it is

Yap, still about the foundation celebration of my alma mater ( I told you I am not gonna stop talking about it LOL ). One of the things I look forward to is the foundation night or simply found night. Basically, it is a party for all high school students to do whatever they want, well not whatever but lets just say it is all about them. At first I told myself that I'm not going to go because I'm afraid the seniors  won't like not only my presence but of all alumni. But I just can't resist to take opportunities like this to dress up, I think it's becoming an illness LOL. Plus, I have some good senior friends and i would also like to catch up with them. Last year, our theme is all out retro and we did a variety-like show. This year, the senior went for a black and white theme, which I honestly think is better than ours LOL. As soon as I heard that it's a black and white party I went overdrive and immediately thought of a dress to wear. Luckily, I just thrifted some dresses that meets the theme, you could cheek out a video haul I did that features all the dresses I thrifted click here

Originally, I was going with my brother, but I know he will end up hanging with his high school friends, and I am going to be left alone. Fortunately, my friend Pia also was going and so my night was saved. In the party we saw our other batch mate, Jastine and we all hang together. By the way, I kind of styled Pia for that event, what do your think of her outfit? Classy and sweet. 

(L-R Pia, Jastine, Me) 
Us, awkwardly sitting in the middle of a high school crowd

Oh, did I mention that there is also a contest that night for solo singers, duet singers, pop dance groups, and bands. Wow, I can't believe I was actually paying ttention to what the MC is saying LOL. Here, my brother snapped some pictures of few of  the bands. 

Here's what I wore. 
Actually, there's a funny story on how we shot the outfit and outfit details. Well, after the party we tried to shot a few inside the gymnasium but didn't like the outcome, so we decided to shoot it at home but then I thought if we shoot it at home we're going to use the flash of the camera and thats not going to give justice to a dress like this. I told my brother to shoot at the gym again, and luckily it's lights are still on and  the sounds and lights guys are still packing up. We took the shots with them watching me pose awkwardly LOL. Thats why you could probably see a guy fixing some cables behind me. Well, at least we got the shot 😃

Whenever i'll go to an event like this, there's always this one question I dread to ask. What if someone wears the same dress I'll wear? That's a very big problem, well for me it is. So at first I was hesitating to go  for a high-low dress because it is such a big trend. But with that in mind I went for it saying there is no other event that could come up to be worthy of this dress. I went inside the venue and expectedly there are a few girls who are wearing high-low dresses it's not a problem after all. 

Dress: Thrifted 

Wearing a high-low dress makes me feel like a somebody. It makes me feel beautiful and special. Another thing is I love how it is long enough to cover my calves in the back and my legs in the front. So I hope, this trend is not going to go out of style soon, because I definitely want to wear more of this.  Color-wise, I could have gone black and white all the way styling but to give the outfit more personality I used a tangerine envelope clutch.

Dainty and at the same time bold detail in the back of the dress

Spike bracelet: Gift | Bangle: Coach | Watch: Coach | Silver bead bracelets: Mom's

Shoes: Parisian
Peter Pan Collar Necklace: Divisoria
Envelope Purse: Thrifted

It was a great night, the only down side is it made me miss high school so much more. Well, at some point I need to move on, so what am I going to do is to not talk about it for a wile, not even in this blog. I know, I am making such a bug deal out of this but it is just very hard for me. I am still on the adjustment phase and I think I can pass through this and move on eventually.  

What do you think of my outfit? 

Be yourself❤


  1. Lovely dress dear :)

    I am now following you on GFC. Thank you for your message on IFB!


  2. Where did you bought your dress?? i like it :)