Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brown Invasion

This is yet another outfit of me wearing high waisted shorts. Well, you can't blame me, it is just so hot now adays and these babies are the most comfortable thing to get into and I'm just too lazy to come up with something different. However, I always see to it that when I wear them I wear them with variety. In this case, I tried the nautical trend, which I adored from the moment I first saw it. It's casual but a little bit interesting. 

I have been stacking up my basics from basic shorts to basic shirts like this one(well maybe not so basic with the collar but a striped tee is definitely a must-have). I also have been obsessing with basic colors such us red, navy blue, white, cream, and brown, hence the title. Its good to stack up basics because these are the pieces that you can wear over and over again.

I did some errands today and going to markets and other places here in the province with this kind of clothes gave me some stares and stink eyes. This made me want to wish for these people to just act normal when somebody tries to wear something different. It is just so tiring seeing people with their judging eyes but I still have hope that someday the world, at least my world will cope with the fashion industry( Not saying i'm a part of it, just simply saying). 


Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Thrifted | Belt: Thrifted

I just love the details on the peter pan collar of this top. With the crochet lining together with the layered flaps makes it so dainty and sweet plus it just makes it stand out from all the other collars out there. Let me ramble for a little while about my love for collars. The thing about collars is that it gives that little something that an outfit needs and it's perfect for people like me who doesn't like wearing a lot of accessories especially necklaces, because a simple collar can give a statement equal to a necklace's.

Shoes: Steve Madden

One of the things that I'm excited about this sem break is the foundation celebration of my alma mater. I know, we are just alumni of the school and it's not for us to be excited about. But come on, give us a break. We just graduated from high school and honestly, we missed it so much, I mean I can't fully express it in words. Just let us enjoy this a little bit :) 

Anyway, this week is kind of the peak of all the culminating activities, and I just want to see and just reminisce all the things that we do back when I was in high school. They say we can not move backward just forward, but I just miss it so much, so so much. Maybe next sem i'll totally get over it, at least i'll try :) 

What do you think of my outfit?
Be yourself❤

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